Previews for #StarWars-inspired customs for "JAN SOLO II" by Jan Calleja @ Artalyer Gallery (Nov 28) + Art Portal (Dec 11)

Jan Calleja shares with us news of his upcoming new solo show titled; "JAN SOLO II", which opens with a preview in Artalyer Gallery in Quezon City, Philippines on November 28, 2015 at 6pm, and the main show will be at Art Portal, Davao City, also in the Philippines on December 11, 2015 at 6:30 pm. And from the glorious images seen here, you'd be able to recognize the "theme" of the show…
"So all of my pieces for this exhibit is Star Wars themed but with with other design that are mixed with it, like an AT-AT mixed with a LAND ROVER DEFENDER design cues and a Volkswagen Beetle with a Tie Fighter Wing." - shared Jan.

Since even before his first solo show "Toys Don't Last" in 2014, Jan has been creating scratch-built pieces - first character-mecha-based, and especially for this show, on vehicular-based makes!

Featured above are images for his "XXX-WING SITH BUSTER" - with this scratchbuilt custom toy sized 36cm - Inspired by Star Wars' X-Wing and World War I's Fokker Dr1 Triplane (which was made famous by the Red Baron).

Featured below is yet another X-Wing-inspired built, and is also mashed with another design: The Scout SE 5 Biplane, also from WW1. Simply breathingly glorious!

Do scroll down to see MORE WIPs of his work for JAN SOLO II, and RSVP via his Facebook Events Page. The possibilities are mind-blowing, frankly speaking - I truly cannot wait to see further completed pieces!

Stay updated on his Instagram @jan_calleja :)

Captain America: Civil War - Trailer World Premiere

The World Premiere of the trailer for "Captain America: Civil War" launched on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and we see "Bucky (former "Winter Soldier") Barnes" returning, with Steve Rogers AKA Captain America and The Falcon by his side. The Avengers (sans Hulk and Thor) return in force, after their battle with Ultron too!

The trailer also saw The Black Panther in action, and that final scene where Bucky and Cap take on Iron Man?

"Captain America: Civil War" premieres May 6th, 2016.

Seen below is one of the three film poster images released - check out the other two since featured on PopcornX :)

(Source: Superhero Hype)

WIPs for DARTH SAMURAI by Artmymind

Remember Artmymind's "The Dark Side" figure featured not too long ago? It's since been Sold Out (not surprised), but seems another will be joining the Sith again soon: "DARTH SAMURAI"!

Featured here today are images of the unpainted pull (above) of the full figure - with Sar Wars' Darth Vader remained as a feudal samurai, and as well some WIPs of the headsculpt to drool at … Release info is forthcoming, but just in case I am not with the quickness, stay tuned to their Instagram @artmymind!

New NIGHTRIDER Tease from Nathan Jurevicius x Kidrobot

Nathan Jurevicius reveals a new image for his NIGHTRIDER mini-figures coming early 2016 from Kidrobot (since added to my earlier feature). And from previous images, each figure comes with a "little owl head" companion too ... I'm really liking the fade on these figures, and the deep rich colors chosen …

More to be updated when they are revealed! Meanwhile, here's a closer look;

Daniel Yu for Supanova Brisbane 2015 (Nov 26-28)

Daniel Yu will be heading out and down under to Supanova Brisbane, boothing at #A114 from November 26th to 28th, and offering hand-paints of his all-original characters self-designed and self-sculpted! Check out this intense Luna Creep!

Stay tuned to his Instagram @thedanielyu for updates, and for folks unable to attend, he'll have an online drop shortly after, on store.thedanielyu.com :)

Gary Baseman's SIGNED “The Door is Always Open” catalogue with Red Toby Key available now

Currently available to purchase online for US$85 are signed copies of the MOCA Taipei book, "The Door is Always Open" with red Toby key, for a limited time. Quite tempting indeed, as I too had an enjoyable time covering the event on the blog
"The museum catalogue for MOCA Taipei invites readers to explore Baseman's creative universe in a 103-page book, highlighting the artist's major works in an experiential "home" environment. The book includes uniquely designed foldouts, plus full-page photographs of the exhibition and "The Dance of the Eastern Chou" art performance with Taiwanese performing artists.

Published by the Taipei Culture Foundation, the book is in both Chinese and English, with a foreword by MOCA Taipei Executive Director J.J. Shih and a curatorial essay by Denise A. Gray."

More Teasers for Steel Age Batman from ThreeA Toys

A couple of STEEL AGE BATMAN teaser images from ThreeA Toys (to add to the earlier featured), with the below full-body pic highly brightened in photoshop … I've personally resisted all other comicbook-character interpretations thus far from Ashley Wood, but THIS is making me all excited and such! Hopefully by the time this is released for pre-order (not revealed as yet), I would be able to afford one … AND if there was a "Bambaland-exclusive" edition? I would flip LOL

Original teaser image below:

Dawn of the Steel Age #batmansteelage #threea #designedbyashleywood

A photo posted by Ashley Wood (@ashleywoodart) on

FYI: 3A's "Steel Age" line of 1/6th scaled figures are based on interpretations of DC Comics characters, parallel to their series with MARVEL comics. Fills me with refreshing geekdom, it does! :)

Walking Tour of DesignerCon 2015 from Tested.com

"DesignerCon is an annual gathering of sculptors, illustrators, and toy makers who bring their latest projects and works to fans. It's like the artists-alley of every major comic book convention put together! Frank and Norm give a walking tour of the show and talk about the culture of designer toys and collectible pop art. Keep an eye out for some really creative designs!" (Shot and edited by Norman Chan)

Teaser for DEADZINGER from Abell Octovan

Abell Octovan just teased his latest upcoming resin collectible for sale somewhen, featuring Super Robot Dead Mazinger: DEADZINGER! From his series "No Future" (I knew it as the "Skull Project" circa 2012 :p), stay tuned for further product and availability updates via his Instagram @abell_octovan … "Dead" giant robots? I am so down with that!


DUNKEYS by Coolrain X Seman10cm X GFX To Launch Dec 4 @ Kinkirobot

Scheduled for a December 4th launch at Kinkirobot in South Korea, is the DUNKEYS Series from Coolrain x Seman10cm x GFX. Two editions of this 8-inch tall articulated figure (made of softvinyl + PVC + ABS) will be available: COLOR and BLACK.

The official sales coincides with the Seoul Design Festival (Dec 2-6), but pre-sales are currently available (Nov 24 to Nov 30). Each figure is priced at 59,800 won (approx US$52 / SG$73) on www.kinkirobot.com for either editions (also available on www.myepicase.com/shop / 29 CM / 10X10).

These look phenomenal! Dunkeys were previously seen as customs, with these cyborgs styled in urban / street … here's hoping we'll get some of THOSE designs produced en mass too! Yes, I am "toy-greedy" that way :)

Looking great, gentlemen! CONGRATS all around!

[ Images since uploaded HERE on FB ]

Shadoe Delgado's KOOG Available Now!

Shadoe Delgado shares with us a new Original Resin Figure, named "KOOG" (short for "Kooglyberry") currently available to purchase here for US$20 each!
""Koog" is my newest 3" inch resin figure joining the world of the Shadowlings. This is Kooglyberry, Koog for short. He obsessively eats jelly donuts leaving his tongue tinted by the delicious jelly filling. With multiple color-ways in Blue, Orange, and Green..." - Shadoe Delgado
Check out WIPs of the Koogs on his Instagram: @ShadoeDelgado or his Facebook @ Shadoe Delgado Art. As well keep an eye out on Black Friday the 27th through the 30th on Cyber Monday, for a "Special Black and White" version of Koog!

(Cheers for the headsup, Shadoe)

LITTLE LIBERTY PEARL by Erick Scarecrow via DKE Toys

DKE TOYS PRESS: "Celebrating the anniversary of the original figure from 2007, artist Erick Scarecrow has released the new 6.5" vinyl Little Liberty collection. A popular collectible, Liberty, she is a symbol of artistic freedom and a reminder to any artist to embrace the power of artistic expression. Little Liberty is packaged in an open box and blister tray. For Ages 15 & Up."
SRP is US$25.00 apiece. DKE Toys is distributing. This is the fourth colorway of Little Liberty to be released, after Little Liberty Pink and Little Liberty Mint, and was previously released together with a blue colorway (together with an optional a 4-pack) from ESC Toy circa May 2015.

Announced: New FONZO & FRIENDS Series Coming From Freakstore

Freakstore officially announces their new mini series FONZO & FRIENDS!

Sized 3.5" tall, these “Human Friendly” vinyls include Fonzo, Lucas, Bertha and Coco, and will retail for US$12 - in an open display window box - available via fonzoworld.com and retailers "very soon" (time to check in with your fav dealers soonish too ;p).

Design looks great, very apt for the form … and great price too … looking good, looking good :)

(Cheers for the headsup, Freakstore!)
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