Superhero Films & TV Shows @ #SDCC2016

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Without a doubt, the “Superhero” genre of films have but flooded the masses and pop culture has embraced them, “good” and “bad”, and at this year’s San Diego Comic Con 2016, celluloid and google-box superheroes were out in force!

Remembering the "old days" when I'd been gagging for my fave comic-book characters to be made "live-action", I personally am in perpetual "courtship-mode" with the state of the genre now, so I'm still some steps behind "superhero-fatigue", thanks :)

From (newly branded) MARVEL Studios came the second trailer for DOCTOR STRANGE (see below), a teaser for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Vol.2 and THOR RAGNAROK (both videos online in the future, maybe?), and reveals galore - including actress Brie Allison as “Captain Marvel”, and Star-Lord’s dad revealed to be EGO The Living Planet - personified by actor Kurt Russell in humanoid form.

In the DC Extended Universe corner, amidst the mixed-furore of Zack Snyder’s BvS (*hey, I liked it), comes a fury of awesomeness from Warner Bros that no doubt cemented their coolness for this year’s geek-con: trailers for JUSTIC LEAGUE, WONDER WOMAN and even a “remixed” SUICIDE SQUAD leaving folks agawk (*raises-hand-frantically*). I’ll leave the videos embedded below to speak for themselves, thanks :)

Wonder Woman SDCC Poster Doctor Strange SDCC2016

From the silver-screens to the google-box, DC’s characters in The CW revealed new seasons for ARROW (Season 5, with more “heroes” being introduced), THE FLASH (Season 3, with more villains introduced), and DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW (Season 2, with “Legion of Doom” being introduced), while MARVEL Television (also a new branding) offered a teaser for LEGION and news that “Ghost Rider” will ben joining “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” … but remember, Marvel still has their Netflix crew to even the odds too! But I’m sure SUPERGIRL at The CW will be working hard to keep them at bay LOL


Second Pre-Orders Have Begun for Rato Kim’s BREADCAT

I don’t know about you folks, but I would love to sink my teeth in these yummy looking BROADCAST by South Korean toy-maker Rato Kim (#ieattoys :p) … truthfully, I am liking these a little bit too much I think! LOL

If you missed this release the first time round, fret not, for the second pre-order has just begun! With only 30 places (One person = up to 2 pieces) available at a first come, first served basis, shipping will begin August 10th 2016. FYI: Breadcat might also make an appearance at this year's TTF, so take note, Broadcast-fans!

Folks interested to fill your breadbasket are to email direct “” with the following info: Name / PayPal account / Choice of Broadcast Design (*see options below) / Your Mailing Address / Your Contact / Preferred Shipping (EMS or Air Small Packet). Once you ordered, an invoice will be sent to you.

Sized w4 x h4.5 x d5, each hand-painted Breadcat is priced at US$55.

2016 07 22 (Breadcat Pre-orber) Thank you for your constant love and encouragement ! Freshly baked BreadCat Second Pre-order!! [Please read the contents well.] * We offer only 30 places, first come, first served. * Shipping start : July 23th 2016 * When you place an order, I will send you an invoice. [Information] - SIZE [w4 / h4.5 / d5] - PRICE [55 USD] - Payment: PAYPAL - EMS (3-7 days / Safe delivery.) - Air Small Packet (7-15 days / I shall not be liable even if not to make delivery.) - Plz, Email me for the order [ ] - Production time 2-4 weeks - Product delivery - August 10th 2016 [How to Order] - Name - - PayPal account - - WatermelonCat number - - Residential land - - Address - - Contact - - Select Shipping - 1 [EMS] , 2 [Air Small Packe] 죄송합니다. 이번 Breadcat 주문은 국내(한국) 제외합니다. 다음 주문 공지사항을 기다려주세요.☆ 감사합니다. #BreadCat #order #pm1 #toy #arttoy #sell #sale #resin #artist #Ratokim

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Stranger - élan vital by Flawtoys X Deanist Release on July 26

Flawtoys sends word of his upcoming releases, made in collaboration with Deanist. Called “Stranger - élan vital” (*élan vital means inner life-force), Sander Dinkgreve further describes the piece; ”The inner figure is a Whitecell purchased from Plasticcell, painted by Deanist and embedded in resin by me (flawtoys).”

Standing 7.7 inches (20cm) tall, Stranger - élan vital is a very limited release of 5 figures worldwide - to be made available July 26th @ 21:00 CEST via two online locales: and, each piece priced at 160 euros.

Sicklings (The Crystal Collection I) & “Guide to Black Twig Forest” Hardcover from Yosiell Lorenzo

"I'm releasing my new set of Sicklings that I'm calling The Crystal Collection I. Instead of doing multiples like I usually do, this time, I wanted to focus on one-offs and really put lots of detail to them. The majority of these Sicklings have some sort of crystal to them, whether its Amethyst, Quartz or Celestite." - shared Yosiell Lorenzo.
The Collection has since gone “live” on (from July 21st) and most of the pieces have been spoken for, with The Quartz Oracle and Blood Quartz Oracle available (at time of this post / see pics below). I’d recommend you folks to stay connected via his Instagram @yosiell, and not miss out on any further awesomeness!

"Along with this release, I've finally managed to get my Guide to Black Twig Forest made into a matte laminate hardcover. I updated a few of the pages and it still comes with a detailed map of the forest along with the explorers postcard. The hardcover book is 25.00 shipped (USA) $34.00 (international)."

Andromeda’s ALPHA by Amanda Visell Released!

Amanda Visell introduces a new hand painted resin series (that is non-animal designs) dubbed “ANDROMEDA” - and as the name suggests, is themed “outer space” - and the first character releases is “ALPHA”! Amanda adds; ”These are a larger scale than our usuals, she stands at 9 inches.”

Two editions are currently available; Alpha (white) (limited to 25 figures), and Sub Alpha (orange) (limited to 10) - with both priced at US$220 apiece.

Amanda also teases; ”And if you’re wondering who Beta might be.... every girl needs her tiger.”

Space Dog by Han Ning

From China-based artist Han Ning comes SPACE DOG! Space Boy’s companion now comes in 3 new versions Da wang (yellow), Qiu qiu (blue), Xiao tian(pink).

Priced at US$20 (pre-order price: $15), each colour is limited 300 pieces, and they can be purchased by emailing “”. I wonder what adventures this lil’tyke will have in space? :)

Da wang(yellow)sized: 5 × 3 × 5cm
Qiu qiu (blue) sized: 5 × 3 × 4.6cm
Xiao tian (pink) sized: 5 × 3 × 5cm

Artist Custom Series by Lisa Rae Hansen / I Break Toys for #CollectandDisplay Releases July 29

Lisa Rae Hansen of I Break Toys sends words and snaps of her splendid custom toys, scheduled to be released on July 29th via Collect And Display, as part of their monthly Artist Custom Series!

This series consists of 1 x her original “Metalhead” creations, and 3 x Kidrobot’s 3” Dunny as the base, Lisa Rae revisited her “Beaufighter” characters inspired by WW2 aviation, with the resulting pieces looking pretty darn awesome, innit?

Above: ""Fangs Out" is a 1/1 custom of my resin Metalhead character. He stands 4 inches tall and has an articulated head. "Fangs Out" is an aviation term for a pilot being "hot for a dog fight". It comes in a presentation box with certificate."

Above: "Kittyhawk" a 1/1 custom 3 inch Kidrobot Dunny

Above: "Mohawk" a 1/1 custom 3 inch Kidrobot Dunny

Below: "Tomohawk" a 1/1 custom 3 inch Kidrobot Dunny,
each Dunny comes bagged with a header card.

“Jango Beast” custom-JOUWE by Hellomuaw for #SWDBDG2016

WHO-IS: ””Jango Beast” was a hype boys bounty hunter, widely regarded to be the beast in the galaxy during the last years of the Galactic Republic."
Jango Beast” is a customized art toy by Indonesia artist Hellomuaw on a 3” tall JOUWE resin figure (created by Marine Ramdhani) in a Star Wars-theme, on show at the Jouwe Custom Show, for Star Wars Day Bandung event over the weekend, and we have more snaps to share, thanks to Hellomuaw (featuring pics by Adam Raidi Budiman / Instagram: @berbadanbesar).

“Call For Nominations” for the 6th Designer Toy Awards 2016 Has Begun!

The annual Designer Toy Awards has just begun, with the announcement of the launch of the “Call For Entries”, accepting “open nominations” from the public! Head on to to nominate your favourites (*You need to register to vote / Your nominations are not published on the website), whereby the selected few will be put up as FINALISTS to be voted unto (in the next round of DTA) for the top prize in each category! Nominations end on August 10th, 2016.

Remember: If you do not nominate your favourites, they might not end up being selected to be voted on in the 2016 DTAs, clear?

Example: If you do not nominate TOYSREVIL in the “Best Blog” category, TOYSREVIL will not be “automatically” be in the final voting list/selection! *cough*

There is a new category introduced this year: ”Best Non-Licensed”.
"Presented to an outstanding Designer Toy release with a design derived from an unofficially licensed or bootlegged entertainment property: film, television, video game, or anything else. Nominees in this category will be judged not only on their quality as a toy but also their representation of the original property."
The winners of the 6th annual DTAs will be announced October 8th, 2016.

*Further information readable here.


#CSCToyScore July 24, 2016

Snagged a companion for my Bathing Duckie, Harley BB reunites with her “pudding’”, scored my first Rangeron, getting inspired by Secret Base x Hello Kitty figures, and am glad I was patient enough to wait for the pricing to go on discount on the EVA-04 … a quick and short Sunday at CSC weekend last, with the aim to meet up with my buddy Marine (and his family) … and as well I ended up feeling a lick of the toy-hunting the pulse and excitement of San Diego Comic Con 2016 - at the very least in my lil’red dot of the island Singapore, yeh?


Sunday #CSCScore - My 1st #RANGERON #toylife

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Cyanide King by thrilledTGU Drops July 26th

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From Thailand-based resin toy-slinger known as ThrilledTGU comes “CYANIDE KING” = a 4" tall resin kaiju he’d created and available for US$35 apiece, releasing Tuesday July 26th via! Limited to only 15pcs, shipping worldwide, and exploding in metallic colours!
"This is the first I've created a monster . He was king in the world of horror. Earth is named "ThrilledWorld”, (and) Cyanide is a toxic King! With his poisonous slime and big brains, which makes him smarter than creatures living. And with a smile and an attitude that is ready to embrace it. He is Christ's love for these creatures catalysts."

UAMOU X Mr. Kum Kum for #ArtForHopes

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First seen as WIPs, now finished and revealed by Mr Kum Kum and teased with a September 2016 sale period. Featuring his #bonestudy aesthetics, these are limited to 10 sets only - with each set including 1 x Mr. Kum Kum Uamou (above) + 1 x Mr. Kum Kum Boo (below). No prices mentioned as yet. Done for #ArtForHopes, ”all profits of this sale will go towards Pansophia Foundation Indonesia.”

UAMOU X Mr. Kum Kum

Three Eyed Kaiju by Chris Pyrate x Third Eye Comics

From comics book artist Chris Pyrate x Third Eye Comics comes the THREE EYED KAIJU! This 6-inch tall polystone figure is limited to 200 pieces, and can currently be purchased online via for US$35.00.

PRESS: "Early June saw the release of a new collaboration between two comic book industry forces, Chris Pyrate (Image Comics, Heavy Metal Magazine , Bartkira & more) and Third Eye Comics (1 of the largest comics retailers & creator-owned, market supporters)."
PRESS CONTINUED: "The "Three Eyed Kaiju" first appeared on a t-shirt collaboration also designed by Chris Pyrate & released through Third Eye Comcs at Washington DC's Awesomcon 2014; but has since been recreated for 3 dimensional consumption.

While Third Eye Comics is a big supporter of the Designer-Toy community, selling all the major releases; this was the 1st time either Third Eye Comics or artist, Chris Pyrate, have produced a toy. The production & design was completely handled by Chris Pyrate & his studio/production company, AHUMANFLY.

The toy released at the Third Eye Comics sponsored convention, Awesomecon 2016 and immediately sold out of over 1/2 of the inventory … (the) polystone figure comes in a complete, 360 wraparound-imaged box also designed by Pyrate which serves as a diorama."
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