Super7's 14th Anniversary Lucky Bags on Sale Sept 26

PRESS: "At last, the 14th Anniversary Super7 Lucky Bags are right around the corner! Mark your calendars for September 26th, when two sizes of unknown, unheard of, and unbelievable Lucky Bags are unleashed!

Large Bags will be available for $270, and contain six figures, while Small Bags will be available for $135, containing three figures. Who knows what stupendous surprises are waiting inside?!"

"Walk Of Fame" Weekend Schedules for #STGCC2015

(Queuing up for autograph session circa 2013. Who was signing? I had zero idea :p)

- "STGCC Guests can sign the STGCC Event Guide, as well as any officially licensed and properly accredited products".
- For pete's sake, don't give STGCC Guests bootleg(s) or unlicensed merchandise to sign, can?
- "You are limited to maximum of TWO ITEMS PER PERSON per guest." Not "2 BOXES" filled with multiple items, hor!
- Want to have more items signed by the guest? "Re-queue", or come back at a later signing session.
- "Unless the guests agree, please note that there will be no photo opportunities". Don't anyhowly do selfies without asking, or use flash.
- "Do not jump queues or attempt to do so. Do not shove. Do not monopolize the guest’s time if there are others waiting." - Don't be kiasu, kiasee, or kancheong spider, and you'll be fine.
- "Assume that whatever you have to say must be said in 30 seconds or less, while the guest is signing your item."
- Election was the Friday before, so leave your grievances (if any) at the balotting boxes, and enjoy your geeklife! :)

Go read the Etiquette & Common Sense Guide for Walk of Fame Autograph Sessions at next weekend's #STGCC2015, and check out the schedules below, for your stalkery pleasures :)

(Schedules "accurate" as of Sept 2nd, 2015)

Thimblestump Hollow "Carnival" Edition Available Now for Pre-Order!

Here's a handy guide to get to know your fav Thimblestump Hollow creatures … now go bug you fav retailers for availability of this "Carnival Edition" for when they drop "end of this month" from producer CardboardSpaceship Toys, based on character designs by his Ryniak x Amanda Louise Spayd (sculpted by Shinbone Creative) … OR you could go straight to www.bindlewood.com to pre-order direct from Chris and Amanda Full Cases (all 10 characters + 2 chases) for US$140!

And feel free to check out their cuteness from SDCC, and as well follow their development via THIS LABEL/TAG #onTOYSREVIL!

New Vinyl Nimbus from Paulus Hyu x Kurobokan for #TTF2015

Paulus Hyu's adorable sleeping ("dreaming"?) french bulldog collectible known as NIMBUS gets ready for a slight "upsize" from a 3.5" long resin collectible, to 4.5" x 3" tall, and be produced in soft vinyl by Kurobokan (makers of his vinyl Sleepwalker Nimbus), schedule for a debut + release at Taipei Toy Festival, circa October 2015.

Custom-Painted Kaiju Kinora by Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co

"Recipe" for a custom painted series of KAIJU KINORA (originally designed by Kaori Hinata / IG @hinatique) by Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co: Apply paint rubs on unpainted vinyl figures, by first painting the figures black, then wipe off paint with sponge dipped in thinner, then spray red on the mushroom head / cap - the result to be released this Friday September 4th somewhen on www.maxtoyco.com. Max Toy Club members have first dibs, so check your inbox for emailer!

Got it? Good. Go #GETSUM :)


Mecha-Joker Bust by Den Ramos

Den Ramos (IG @mr_den / Twitter @m1sterden) shares with us snaps of his exceptional MECHA JOKER, with this larger-than-life-sized bust made with sprayfoam, magic sculpt and aluminum sheet metal. "Originally it was supposed to be for a gallery but it didn't go through so I decided to do it anyway, glad I did." - shared Denny when I asked him about the origin for this sculpt.

Sized 24" tall (check out the pic of Den next to the mammoth piece!), as well Den shared,
"This piece took about 40-60 hours to do but it took about 3 months to complete because things kept coming up and I was only working on it for 2-3 hours at a time."
Head on over to his Flickr album to check out WIP images!

Ron English's Temper Tot "Albino Purple" custom painted by Kenth Toy Works for BlackBook Toy for #STGCC2015 Release

BlackBook Toy shares with us word and snaps of their exclusive release at the coming #STGCC2015, with this "Albino Purple" custom painted edition Ron English's Temper Tot by Kenth Toy Works a one-of-a-kind single piece!

Available at booth #A82 priced at SG$210, this 8.3” tall "vein"-popping custom is painted on GID Temper Tot!

1:18th (3-3/4) Scale The Real TEQ63 Resin Toy from QUICCS

If you've followed my blog for some time now, you'd recognize the TEQ63 character from The Philippines' based urban artist QUICCS. From resin figurines to Dunny editions, this mecha-helmed character has taken on numerous forms and guises, and for the coming #STGCC2015, he will debut in a brand new form: [The Real] TEQ63 1:18th Scale collectible figure!

"A few months back, I built prototypes for my (The Real) TEQ63 concept which features my character in a more realistically proportioned design, both in the 1/12th and the 1/6th scale. While we are still researching for the proper production process for those (since that will be my first attempt at the mixed media format and still considering suppliers especially for the clothing), I decided to build one in the 1:18th 3 3/4 category in full resin format.

The 1/18th scale stands at about 3.75 inches, with no articulation, and comes in a carded blister pack. More colorways and new figures (TEQ63's posse) are planned for this scale as well, so stay tuned for those!"
- shared QUICCS.

(Above artwork for blister card backing by Vincent Aseo / IG @vincentaseo)

Standing 3 3/4" Inches (1:18), and comes packaged in carded blister Packaging, the Original Colorway will be released via the HIDDEN FORTRESS Booth, followed by online via www.hiddenfortressmanila.com from the 2nd week of Sept (FYI: worldwide shipping to be done October-November 2015).

This edition will be an "Open Edition", with future colorways in the works, so stay tuned to IG @quiccs for updates, and of course on TOYSREVIL!

FAMOUS LAST WORDS @ Toy Art Gallery Opens Sept 5th

EVENT PRESS: "Toy Art Gallery is proud to present FAMOUS LAST WORDS, our farewell group shop. Featuring our friends Izumonster, Joseph Harmon, Kikkake Toy, Martin Ontiveros, Miscreation Toys, Restore, Pico Pico, T9G, and Uamou, this event will be one of our best yet with some incredible customs and limited editions.

FAMOUS LAST WORDS is the last show at our current location at 7571 Melrose. We’ve loved the opportunity we’ve had to share our passion for art toys in the LA area and we will continue to do so in our online store and through our continued toy production.

Please join us for the exhibit opening on Saturday, September 5th from 7-10pm at Toy Art Gallery’s showroom located at 7571 Melrose Ave. Hollywood CA 90046.

FAMOUS LAST WORDS runs through September 27th."
(Facebook Events Page)
The previews are phenomenal OMG!

Events @ A Glance (on Main Stage) for Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con #STGCC2015

The Singapore Toy Games and Comic-Con is nearly upon us, with less that 2 weeks to go before it's doors open between September 12th to 13th! As I attempt to ramp up coverage on what to look out for and what to save your monies for grabbing, here's a quick glance at what to first expect on the main stage at Marina Sands Convention Center!

Fons The God of Spring Release from Kyle Kirwan Drops Sept 14

Kyle Kirwan let's us know that he will be releasing his FONS figures September 14th via kylewkirwan.storenvy.com. The last we saw of FONS it was a preliminary unpainted sculpt, and now this 6.5” tall, 7" wide rotocast resin figure can be had for US$79 per. Limited to only 5pcs available online, this creation features a felt leaf covered body and solid resin arms. "Each figure is 100% handmade and each leaf is lovingly, painstakingly cut by hand." - added Kyle.

Click Here for more images, and the backstory of FONS, and as well stay connected to Kyle on www.kylekirwan.com, @kylekirwan on Instagram and @kyle_kirwan on Twitter :)

Mr. Mars New Custom Dunny and Prints Drop Tuesday Sept 2nd

Mr. Mars shares with us the impending release of his custom one-off 4" DUNNY DIVER" figure to be made available via MrMarsStudios.com/shop Tuesday Sept 2nd @ 7PM MTN STANDARD time. Priced at US$80 (with shipping included inside the US). As well Marshall "Mr. Mars" Ballantyne added;
"…I also will be dropping these two digital prints at the same time, both the vulture and Kobra, 11x 14", colored, gloss for 10$ EA."

Custom-Feature: Yin & Yang Maiko by 2PetalRose

2PetalRose shares with us a pair of customs fresh off the paint brush, with YIN & YANG MAIKO standing aprox 15 inches tall (with base), with all fabric is custom printed. Liam shares with us further about this commissioned pair; "I was asked to create a pair of Maiko that were invert of each other…and this is what I went with."

"Exceptional" is exceptional. From the splendid fabric print design to the hauntingly focused color palette, I am glad I get to report on such awesomeness on a regular basis, and thank you for giving me the headsup, Liam! True Story! :)

[ More images HERE on FB ]

X-Force Royal Flush Prints by Noval Hernawan for #STGCC2015

Comic book illustrator Noval N. Hernawan follows up with his previous year's BATMAN Family Royal Flush print series with a focus on "mutants" from MARVEL, specifically the X-MEN X-FORCE! Revealed thus far are a trio of cards (uncolored / like before)!

You are advized to stay tuned to Noval's Facebook page for further updates! And prepare your cahsmoneys to score them at the coming #STGCC2015 via the Punakawan Studio booth #AA51!


"Piragua" Teaser from Argonaut Resins

Eric Nocella Diaz of Argonaut Resins shares with us a teaser image of a new resin project he is working on, to debut at New York Comic Con this year in October. Eric further adds;
"I'm going back to my childhood in Spanish Harlem with this new resin called Piragua (pronounced Pee-rah-gwah). Full prototype exclusive image reveal and colorways will be available soon."

"Graffiti Paper Train Kids" Paper Toy by Shin Tanaka for UNIQLO Opening in Chicago

Been waaaaay too long since we've last heard anything about paperboy maestro Shin Tanaka, with this latest slice of newsery being a "challenge" to collect … In collaboration with UNIQLO for the grand opening of their flagship store in Chicago in fall 2015 (located at 830 N. Michigan Ave. on the Magnificent Mile), Shin has designed and created a Graffiti Paper Train Kids! The "trick" is, the template of this paper toy is to be distributed around Chicago city!

Would love to get my hands on one! But Chicago is so far awaaaaaaay :p

[ Shin Tanaka paper toys Tagged #onTOYSREVIL ]

Plaseebo to offer the new Gunkanjima X-1 from Sept 4

PLASEEBO PRESS: "A one of a kind custom with the new Plaseebo “Gunkanjima” resin head on a Skull Head Butt “X” vinyl body with inset eyes. The 8” high figure has a pair of power tubes that run from the body to the head and an internal motion activated color-changing LED unit with replaceable batteries. Signed and dated 2015."
Priced at US$350, the Gunkanjima X-1 will be available from the Plaseebo web store on Friday September 4th.

Inami Toyland's ROBO TOP To Release Sept 3rd

Kevin Nam from Inami Toyland prepares for a new ROBO TOP drop, go on sale Thursday September 3rd at 9 PM EST at InamiToyland.com! Available in 2 colorways - Sunset Orange and Midnight Blue - there will be ten of each colorway at a price of $15 each. Sized approximately 2" tall, these resin collectibles will come polybagged with an admission ticket style header card.

PRESS: "Inami Toyland is back with the Nightfall edition of Robo Tops. Inspired by the colors of the setting sun and the darkness of night, these new tops come in a warm orange and cool blue. How it works is you spin the top and once it stops, whichever hand is raised is its move. You can play against it or if you have two of them you can play with another person." (Read more of what Kevin has to add to this release here on FB)

A video posted by @inamitoyland on

10th Anniversary Tokidoki Tattooed Barbies

Tokidoki continues their "controversial" collaboration with Mattel, makers of Barbie with a follow up to their 2011 Tattooed Barbie, with not one, but TWO Barbies! Both of whom as well celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the Tokidoki brand.

To be made available September 1st on www.thebarbiecollection.com (and select retailers), two editions are to be had: the (general release?) PINK haired Barbie (with the Donutella hairband / in-box pic via Luisa La Greca), and the limited edition neko/cat-ear headband PURPLE haired Barbie - of which only 999pcs are available (*GASP*)

To my limited knowledge, I do not see mass tattoos being on Barbie at all regularly, so this is a real treat, methinks!

Will update more if I find pricing on either … meanwhile, more snaps courtesy of IG @simonelegno and @tokidokibrand!

A Look At Unpainted #Fallout4 Power Amor from Threezero x Bethesda Studios

Since my earlier announcement post about Threezero's collaboration with Bethesda Studio, images has since been unveiled (via the Fallout Facebook) of the POWER ARMOR from "Fallout 4" video game to be made an articulated collectible!

I am uncertain if these are 3D-renders, or unpainted prototypes - even so, they look positively EPIC, don't they? *HOLDS BREATHE*

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