Halloween Dunny Release from Haus Of Boz on Oct 27th

From Laura Copeland AKA Haus Of Boz comes PUMPIE - A Halloween Special one-of-a-kind custom-Dunny, available 27th October 2016 (8.00pm BST) via, priced at £74.99 GBP. ADORABLE, can? :)
"It's autumn! Halloween's a-comin' and Pumpie has been growing his costume from a seed. It's finally ready, and after several meals of pumpkin-based recipes, he's carved it out and boy, is it snug! Pumpie is ready for any party he can find, and as long as you don't mind squishy footprints or the occasional seed on the carpet, he's ready to be your guest of honour! Invite him in, and get the party started!"
(Individual images HERE on Facebook)

Cheers for the headsup, Lauren!


Celebrate HELLoWEEN with Devilsheadquarters with two new releases dropping October 31st on AT A RANDOM TIME - featuring THE MASKED DIGGLER V3 (above), made in collaboration with Splurrt, at US$60 each. Also available is the UNPAINTED WHITE ALAVAKA BODHISATTVA (below), each priced at US$30. Head on to THIS Facebook post for more images and info.

Rocket & Groot #TREEHUGGER Vinyl by Mike Mitchell x MONDO

Seen above is an image of a 3D-render of Mike Mitchell’s "Tree Hugger" (done by “Slid3”) … and shown below at MondoCon is the Rocket Raccoon & Groot “TREEHUGGER” VINYL for Unbox Industries and MONDO! Pre-order is slated for “Early 2017”, with a SRP: TBD - stay tuned to @mondotees on Instagram and @mondonews on Twitter for updates!

With the new incarnation of the celluloid Rocket and Baby Groot on his shoulder - seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 sneak peek, maybe we could have the “new” version too? Heh.

(Pics via @sirmitchell and @brockotter)

Custom 1/6 BATMAN for Hot Toys’ Batman 100% ("Batman Collartible Expo”)


Custom 1/6th-scale BATMAN figures for the Batman 100% Exhibition is fully revealed (Since my previous feature), and shared here today for your online gawking pleasures! Folks in Tokyo, Japan can head-up to the Roppongi Izumi Garden Gallery, before the exhibit ends October 25th.

I am personally rooting for KNIGHTFALL to be made into a production figure from Hot Toys, thanks!




From “new” toy brand “Overtoys” comes an upcoming “JOKER” in 1/6th-scale, featuring the likeness of the late Heath Ledger as the infamous nemesis of the Batman, as seen in Chris Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” (AKA “Batman 2”).

Featuring Production Design by “Viper”, this incarnation of the Joker seems to feature rooted hair, and a different face-sculpt, seen in earlier releases from Hot Toys - most notably the DX JOKER from 2009.

I have zero product and availability info further than the images posted here, so do check in with your fav retailer(s) who bring in non-licensed products (*cough*).

Far be it I may seem to be promoting a (possible) “non-licensed” product, but I am intrigued that folks would want to continue with older characters (the “$$$”, of course :p) but still endeavour to produce a good lucking product. You decide :)


ALIEN 'XENOMORPH' STORAGE EGG from Unbox Industries On Pre-order Now!

On display at the recently concluded Taipei Toy Festival 2016, and currently UP FOR PRE-ORDER ONLINE is the ALIEN 'XENOMORPH' STORAGE EGG from Unbox Industries!

Sized 53cm / 21" tall x 41cm / 16" width, and weighing in at 4kg, the product features a motion activated mechanism, and comes with a LEF lame with on/off function (Requires 4 x AA Batteries or USB Connection), and can be yours for only US$225 per (excluding shipping!

Manufactured under license by Noble Wealth HK and distributed by Unbox Industries, the product has a scheduled December shipping. What more do I need to tell you, so that you’d snag one, or three??? How about a video demonstration then?

"Based on the infamous Xenomorph egg seen in the original 1979 film,the Alien storage egg re-enacts one of the scariest scenes in movie history! With a simple wave of the hand the egg bursts into life with the aid of a motion activated IR function while emanating an (optional) eerie green glow from internal LED lighting. The egg can also double up as a room lamp if you want to set the mood for a creepy night in front of the TV revisiting your favourite Alien movie! Standing 56 cm tall when open, the Alien egg is a unique, scary & functional must have for all fans and collectors of the Alien franchise.


(Above-left: On display at TTF2016)


Seulgie’s Halloween Satyrs Drop Oct 22nd

6 x Little Satyr Ghosts + 6 x Frankenstein Saytrs will be up for grabs come Saturday October 22nd @ 9PM EST on SEULGIE.COM - priced at US$180 and US$200 each respectively. Do not expect them to hang around for long, folks! These babies look utterly yummy-Halloween, doncha think? :)


Finished Satyrs:

GLITCH_net presents "CILLIC" (Wave One) - On Sale Now!

GLITCH_net presents "CILLIC" (I’ve oft raved on about them :p), and is currently available to order online via - for countries not listed in their distribution list here:

Japan distribution:
Malaysia distribution:
Hong Kong distribution:
Thailand distribution: JP TOYS
Indonesia distribution:
China distribution:

WHAT-IS: "A brand new line showcasing our characters in a compact form. The brand is going to feature characters and creations from Glitch's original line up and from independent artists both new and renown."
SRP is US$23 per figure (items includes a magnetic base), and as well purchased from will be US$103.50 for all 5 in Wave One (10% discount and save on shipping). Item will be shipped by 2nd week of November. Mind you, these are not “bind boxed” sold figures, and you can choose which character you want individually.

Wave 1 Includes:
01. Inari from God Complex
02. Apollo from God Complex
03. Hermes from God Complex
04. Horus from God Complex
05. Test Subject 56 from Bonehead

#WarMouse by Clogtwo x Mighty Jaxx Drops Oct 22nd

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

”A master of camouflage, the WAR MOUSE is a stealth-like soldier from the guerrilla forces who is capable of infiltrating enemy's territories seamlessly while moving through the shadows without making a single sound…

Created by Clogtwo (#onTOYSREVIL), “War Mouse” started life as an illustration/print, and come October 22nd, 2017 (Singapore 10pm, New York 10am, London 3pm), he will a three-dimensional pre-painted collectible to be had on! Standing 10.24-inches tall, this PVC collectible will be limited to 200pcs, and priced at US$100 apiece.

War Mouse Clogtwo 02

This is not Clogtwo’s first collectible release with MJ, with previous pieces being ATHENA & ZEUS (with Inkten), Phuak, Playboy Collectible, Skuhl, and of course Mighty Jaxx’s very first collectible released back in 2012: Hell Lotus

(Above: Seen at STGCC2016 / Pic by Thero Dennis)
War Mouse Clogtwo 01


​​Introducing The “Sunny&Cloudy Weather Shop” by LO-FI Collective

South Korean artist/designer LOFI Collective (of TOWOOZ) whom debuted her latest character “SKOLL” at the recent Taipei Toy Festival 2016, from her new brand “Sunny&Cloudy Weather Shop”, and I had to have a online chat with Eunbyeol Choi herself, to get to know her creations a little more!

Scroll down for a read and snaps, and as well folks can stay connected to her work via Instagram @lofi_collective / Facebook and Instagram @sunnyandcloudyweathershop … not forgetting CLICK HERE for continued coverage of “LOFI Collective” on TOYSREVIL!

TOYSREVIL: What can you tell me about the “Sunny&Cloudy Weather Shop”? What is it about?
EUNBYEOL CHOI: ”In mythology or folk tales, there are many animals that are related to the weather or represent deities that control the weather.

The "Sunny & Cloudy Weather Shop" series takes imagery from Celtic mythology, fables, and animals as the motif and creates characters out of elements related to weather such as rain, temperature, humidity, and lightning.

In addition to Skoll, more diverse characters related to the weather have been planned for release, to complete a story that shows the changes in weather throughout a day. This is why it was named the "Sunny & Cloudy Weather Shop."

TOYSREVIL: I really appreciate the context of her genesis, as it provides the character with depth beyond just an aesthetic-facade, IMHO :)

What can you tell me about Skoll? WHO is she? And is the darker color edition also “Skoll”? Or another character? Why do they wear wolf heads? And is that a thunderbolt in her hands? What’s her story? Sorry for so many questions at a go, as I’m very interested in her design! haha
EUNBYEOL CHOI: "The first character of the series, Skoll, is a wolf girl who chases the sun and causes lightning.

The motif for this was taken from the sun-chasing wolf Skoll from Celtic mythology and Raijuu, a beast in oriental mythology believed to have caused lightning.

The cloud-shaped head and costume were designed to show the state of the clear or cloudy sky through different colors. The way Skoll feels can affect the weather.

If the wolf above the head wakes up, the sun disappears and the clothing and hair representing the sky turns dark. Lightning strikes and rain may also ensue.

Conversely, when the wolf is asleep, a cloudless sunny sky will be created."

(Display Set-up at TF2016 / Images by AJO777)

TOYSREVIL: LOVE her backstory! Thanks for sharing with us! And as well they certainly are a different aesthetic from your Karma Series - is there any particular reason why? And what inspired her creation?
EUNBYEOL CHOI: "When I work, I usually draw inspiration from music. The "Karma Series" was inspired by the lyrics and ambience of songs like Radiohead's "Karma Police," and "Across the Universe" by the Beatles.

The motif for this Weather Shop series was taken from the song "Why Does it Always Rain on Me" by Travis. The metaphor of rainy weather to represent unhappiness inspired me to create this series.

As we often express how we feel in terms of how we would also describe a sunny or a cloudy weather, I wanted to create a story in which the characters' state actually affects the weather. As sweet and beautiful as the music of Travis.

I think the expressive style changed as the subject of the toy series is completely different."
EUNBYEOL CHOI: ”Many were surprised by the sudden change in style.

As each series tells a different story, I separated my pages and Instagram accounts to isolate the ambiance of each series from each other. However, as they are both my creation(s), I suppose they share a certain sentimentality to a degree.

It has been two to three years since I began the Karma Series, while the Weather Shop is about to begin after nearly a year of preparations including planning, design, molding, and production.

I plan to continue producing both series, and reveal the story for the toys bit by bit. (I am also working on another surprise series in addition to these two. haha)

Rather than focusing on why the series are different, I hope people can follow the story in each series with interest.

I have committed my soul and spirit to create both Karma Series and Weather Shop Series. I will continue to give it my best and would certainly appreciate the continued support and interest. “

(*Release is schedule in November!)

TOYSREVIL: Well I for one am certainly appreciative of your artistic evolution, and as well your choice of presenting differing facets of your style and design is highly applauded, as I personally feel that one needs to be multifaceted, especially in this sea of creation we all dwell in these days, where most times an artist(s) might just stick to one style, and remain so for the duration, IMHO.

Thanks for sharing with us, and look forward to be seeing MORE from you in the near future!

Hands In Factory x SML’s Baby Horns S.3 Available Online Now!

After their debut at Taipei Toy Festival 2016 earlier this month, Hands in Factory’s new BABY HORNS Series 3 is now available to purchase (for Oversea Customers) online via and/or Epicase’s Etsy.

Both “Fort Nox ver. ORG” and “Big Horn ver. ORG” are each priced at US$80, while the SML/Sticky Monster Lab collabo “Fort Nox ver.” is US$90 per. All PVC x Soft Vinyl x ABS figures stand approx. 5-inches tall. #WANT

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