ThreeA Toys Does Star Wars @ Thailand Toy Expo 2015

On show at the recently concluded Thailand Toy Expo, were a variety of figures from ThreeA Toys - both familiar and brand new surprises - but for today's Star Wars Day themed-showcase, we take a look at SW-themed figures, in both 1/6th and 1/1-scale mannequin "cosplay" (seen above)!

The "Lonely Star Warrior TK" figures were out in full force, in tandem with the online sales, folks saw in person the 1/6th-scaled articulated figures from their "Star Wars Alternate" line in person - all of whom were flanked by larger 24" femme figures (with sculpted anatomical lady-bits too) wearing Stormtrooper helmets! And that's not forgetting the S&M black-latex clad female Vader ("I Am Your Mother!" LOL)

(Pics via IG @ashleywoodart + Worldof3A - more via)

chaingun! for #DrawAJawa 2015

Submission for 2015 #Draw A Jawa with art by David Withers aka chaingun!
(www.Facebook.com/chaingunart / Instagram @chaingunart)

Toche for #DrawAJawa 2015

Submission for 2015 #Draw A Jawa with art by Thomas Tanbonliong aka Toche
@ fallingorbs.blogspot.com

Scott Ligon for #DrawAJawa 2015

Submission for 2015 #Draw A Jawa with art by Scott Ligon @ www.nanosquid.com

HappyToast for #DrawAJawa 2015

Submission for 2015 #Draw A Jawa with art by Chris (HappyToast)
@ www.happytoast.co.uk

Jerry Teo for #DrawAJawa 2015

Submission for 2015 #Draw A Jawa with art by Jerry Teo @ www.teo-ology.com

Attack On Star Wars - #AttackOnTitan x #StarWar Customs by Wetworks + Pedmons

Imagine if the Imperial Army had "Titans" (from anime "Attack On Titan) in their arsenal, the Rebellion would have their hands full! But I reckon if the forces fight from outer space, they needn't worry, as I reckon Titans need to breathe air too, right? No, astronaut suits for giants might be a tad reaching … heh.

Shingeki no Kyojin meets Star Wars in not one, but TWO splendid pieces of custom collectibles, and I had the honor of checking them out in person (No, I don't not personally own them - I WISH!), thanks to the gentleman who owns them both!

Seen above is the Stormtrooper helmet custom done for last year's #MayThe4thSG local Star Wars Day event held at Jurong National Library, and featured below is the Vader custom helmet completed for the weekend #CelebrateTheForce event held in Suntec City.

Both resin base figures were made by ImagineNation Design Studio in The Philippines, with the resultant 'Colossal Titan"-inspired customs were put up for adoption with proceeds benefitting charity, in conjunction with the respective Star Wars Day celebrations.

I first spoke to Carlo Andrada Cacho AKA Wetworks (IG @iamwetworks / wetworks.bigcartel.com) about his work on the Stormtrooper Titan!

TOYSREVIL: Why choose Attack On Titan for your custom concept? (Last year's Star Wars Day). Do you like the anime?
IAMWETWORKS: "I wanted to do an Asian/Western crossover and Attack On Titan has a huge following and so does Star Wars, thought it would make an awesome crossover if done correctly."

TOYSREVIL: How long did it take you to finish the piece?
IAMWETWORKS: "I already have the existing trooper head as a base so I only applied the paints, it took 2 days to paint the whole thing."

Seen here are images of Pratama Eka Dharma AKA Pedmon's "Attack on T.I.E.tan" (behance.net/ped / IG @pedmons)

Creating YEODAH with Yeo Hon Beng

Conceptualized by Yeo Hon Beng of Detention Barracks and sculpted by Daniel Yu, these incarnation of YEODAH stood at a diminutive 2+" tall, the relative height to 6" tall action figures from Kenner's Star Wars action figures, and was sized deliberately so.

In place of the Jedi Master's iconic head with outstretched ears, there is a hand-gesture synonymous with "ALOHA!" And that is intentional, on the part of creator Hon Beng, who is big on on "hand gestures" (Hon Beng is also a theater practitioner, so the disciplines ring true), and as well in promoting "peace" and "positivity", paralleled to the "hang loose" and laid-back "chillout" spirit, which is at odds with the hustle-n-grind urban lives we dwell in.
"The shaka sign, sometimes known as "hang loose", is a gesture often associated with Hawaii and surf culture. It consists of extending the thumb and smallest finger while holding the three middle fingers curled, and gesturing in salutation while presenting the front or back of the hand; the hand may be rotated back and forth for emphasis. The shaka sign was adopted from local Hawaiian culture by visiting surfers in the 1960s, and its use has spread around the world especially in Puerto Rico because surf culture is very popular there swell."

(Header card hand drawn by Hon Beng)

"Hawaiians use the shaka to convey the "Aloha Spirit", a concept of friendship, understanding, compassion, and solidarity among the various ethnic cultures that reside within Hawaii, lacking a direct semantic to literal translation. The shaka can also be used to express "howzit?", "thanks, eh?", and "all right!" Drivers will often use it on the road to communicate distant greetings and gratitude." (Wiki)

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

(Figure lit from below)

While possessing no articulation, the sculpt is immensely detailed - par for course of sculptor Daniel - who is by now known for his deft skills and eye for details. And it is as well somewhat serendipity that the figure is named "YEO-dah", similar to Hon Beng's surname "Yeo". The "hologram"-isque translucent resin cast gives it that semblance of "enlightenment" giving the figure a somewhat heightened depth of story, IMHO.

(Above: Seen at STGCC 2014)

Hon Beng shares that he did not own any SW-action figures as a child, and this figure is in a sense a homage to the notion of "play", and not necessarily as a comeback to the past.

Released in STGCC last year, where I purchased mine from, folks currently interested in scoring one for themselves are to email Hon Beng direct at "yeonardo [at] gmail.com" for details and costs - tell him TOYSREVIL sent you, and he'll sort you out.

Meanwhile there are plans in motion to upsize the figure to 1/6th-scale, and I would be looking forward top seeing developments of that!

Peek at Argonaut Resin x TOYSREVIL #10x10 Edition Exclusive!

MARVEL's ULTRON in 1/6 by ThreeA Toys Drops May 7th

Revealed in the 8th issue of 3A Toys' H3ADLINES online newsletter in their ULTRON is color! And boy does he look shiny-COOL!

On Sale May 7th 2015 at Bambalandstore.com from 09:00 Hong Kong Time, MARVEL's ULTRON 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure is designed by Ashley Wood and stands 13 Inches (33.5cm) tall, and features fully posable body, including articulated fingers and Plated Armor design.

Priced at US$220 per (Price Includes Free Worldwide Shipping), each figure also includes LED Illuminated Eyes, Mouth, and Chest. There will be three versions to choose from: Classic (shown here), Stealth, and Ghost Editions … and while I do not have confirmation, I reckon one of these editions ("Stealth"?) would be a 3AA-Only piece. More images and info, when I have them :)

3A PRESS: "Ultron, the sentient A.I. created by Hank Pym, who notoriously rebelled against his creator, causing havoc the world over time and time again. Ashley Wood upgrades the classic villain with a new look featuring plated armor and illuminated details."

Glitter Kaiju Negoras & New Mecha Nekoron MK3 from Max Toy Co

Max Toy Co has two new sofubis up for grabs on www.maxtoyco.com (*currently they are first made available to Max Toy Club Members first!) - starting with GLITTER KAIJU NEGORA - which feature zero-paint on them, with glitter infused in the clear vinyl figures! Priced at US$38 this is unfortunately listed as "Sold Out", which Mark added; "Sorry it's sold out to club members, however, we shall make a few more in the near future so keep checking back."

Second piece sees MECHA NEKORON MK3 in a new colorway, featuring black accented details on white vinyl, including silver spray and red eyes. Priced at US$35, this baby is still available (at time of this post), for now!

Clementine by Kathie Olivas

Here's a peek at Brandt Peters' "STINGYHEATHEN" alongside Kathie Olivas' CLEMENTINE (last seen here) colored sofubi from Tomenosuke x Circus Posterous!

("STINGYHEATHEN" is a combo of Heathen Snake head x Stingy Jack body - possibly a kitbash and not necessarily a production piece, maybe? :p)

Mind you, these are not mini-sized like their Pocket Sideshow series, but perhaps around 6" tall (zero confirmation on size tho :p). Stay tuned for further updates and details!

And it's Kathie Olivas' birthday today too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

Rotofugi Presents: "HEADSPACE (REBOOT)" by Luke Chueh (May 8 Launch)

Launching Friday May 8th at Rotofugi in Chicago, is Luke Chueh's solo show "HEADSPACE". "The show is also part of a collaboration with Munky King who are producing an art toy based on the series."

Shown here are a couple of WIPs for artwork, as well as a prototype of Rotofugi's eye-patch Abe mascot underneath the bear-head! *An exclusive to Rotofugi btw :)

Opening Reception: Friday, May 8th, 2015
May 8th though June 7th, 2015
2780 N Lincoln Ave. Chicago IL, 60614
(RSVP on Facebook)

BABY HUEY by Frank Kozik x Kidrobot for #SDCC Drop

With his skull-rattle and WMD missile milk-bottle, while brawling his eyes out sitting in a puddle of pee-pee, Frank Kozik reveals his BABY HUEY vinyl figure! This Glorious Leder toddler is produced by Kidrobot and to be available in two colorways, look for availability circa San Diego Comic-Con happening in July 9th to 12th, 2015! No idea which might be the SDCC-exclusive and which is the Standard release tho… :p

Source: IG @frankkozik

Custom Vader Helmets by #BandOfDoodlers for #CelebrateTheForce

Last year it was Stormtrooper helmet/heads, this year, #CelebrateTheForce showcased Darth Vader helmet/heads, as customized by the "white space bandits" of Band of Doodlers on resin pieces produced by Imagine Nation Design Studios from The Philippines.

Each piece was priced at SGD$400, with 100% of the sales proceeds to benefit Make A Wish Foundation, Singapore - the adopted charity for this event.

Here's a closer look at the ones on display, and as well individual (and more) images has since been uploaded HERE on FB. May The Force Be With You All!

Above-left: Sufyan (IG @drooopyeyelids)
Above-right: "Imperial Mouse" by Marie Michelle (IG @rouge_mich)
Below: 'Darth Meow' by Arai Kreva AKA 3EYEBODIES (IG @araikreva)

Above: "Attack on T.I.E.tan" by Pratama Eka Dharma AKA @pedmons

Above: "Lord Vandalizer" by MUTONS (IG @mutons_)
Below: Snnysdeup Illustrations (IG @snnyfzli)

Above: "The Dark Puff rises from the Land of Puffs" by Puffingmuffin (IG @puffingmuffin)
Below: Edison Teo AKA @galactikcaptain

Above: Natalie Wong (IG @peithedragon)
Below: Mas Shafreen AKA Wanton Doodle (IG @wantondoodle)

As well folks could commission on-site doodles on the Vader helmets, which Wanton Doodle and Galactik Captain took on gamely!

The boss, Mas @wantondoodle #celebratetheforce #starwarssg

A photo posted by Yeo Hon Beng (@yeonardo) on

86. Under Vader's skin... 1 of 2 on the spot live customization for two awesome Star Wars fan!

A photo posted by Edison Teo (@galactikcaptain) on

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