I LIKE TOYS: Horror Edition 2014 Online Now!

I LIKE TOYS fanzine takes on "Horror" for this special edition showcasing artwork for an illustration competition celebrating "horror"! Launched on Halloween Day 2014, this is also the very first digital incarnation of I LIKE TOYS!

Click thru the pages in above viewer to find out who are the WINNERS in this competition, or head on to THIS LINK, and feel free to "LIKE" the I LIKE TOYS Facebook Page!

Thank you to Yeo Hong Beng for taking the time out to co-Judge this competition! Thanks for everyone's participation, and Congratulations to the winners! We'll be in touch with you soon :)



"The Visitor" by Happy Garaje

From Happy Garaje comes "THE VISITOR" = a 8.5" x 5.25" x 3" resin centaur toy, available for purchase at US$50 (+ Shipping), with interested folks to email people@happygaraje.com for orders.
"We made a toy for The Strange Beasts toy show in Cebu City, Philippines. The Visitor appeared on three occasions: first, when I fell from the big mango tree. Second, when I turned twenty one. And the third was on the night I left home." (via)
Am liking the textures application, and even the paper crown! Would be nicer if the crown was more substantial a material maybe? IMHO, of course :)

Chris Ryniak releases for #DesignerCon at Circus Posterus booth #700

Brad from Circus Posterus has been treating us with splendid press releases for their tenure at the coming DesignerCon 2014 (Nov 8-9) and today's promo is pretty darn sweet! Available at the Circus Posterus booth #700 are the following awesomeness from Chris Ryniak!

- Harlequin Burblebum in an Edition of 12 @ US$200 each
- Aqua Lime Mini Bubblegut in an Edition of 12 (only 6 available at the con) @ US$200 each
- Green Grape Fuzzlethump in an Edition of 10 @ US$200 each
- Fall Foliage Churblefurbs (x 2pcs only - pic seen below) No prices revealed.

Additional Items for the table (no pics as yet) include:
- 50 Bugbites in Assorted Colors @ $18 each
- Wobblear Stickers
- 5" x 7" Drawings @ $75 Each

Krampus on a Shelf by Forces of Dorkness Drops Sunday Nov 2 on Tenacious Toys

Krampus on a Shelf by Forces of Dorkness drops Sunday November 2nd at 7PM EST via tenacioustoys.com for their Super Series Sundays (*Note: Preorder window is two weeks long, and no further orders will be taken after November 16th). Priced at US$50 each, Krampus on a Shelf figures are 8-inch long mixed-media pieces, all hand-made in the USA by Forces of Dorkness.

PRESS: "The holidays have always been a special time for all the good little children...but now we're taking time to celebrate all the rotten ones too.

Krampus, a beast-like creature from the folklore of Alpine countries, has always been thought to punish misbehaving children during the Christmas season. This horrific creature plays the foil to jolly old Saint Nicholas who rewards well-behaved children with gifts. It is said that Krampus captures particularly naughty children in his sack and carries them away to his mountain lair.

Take this little demon and have fun with the bad kids during the holidays. Krampus is designed to sit on anything. His arms and legs are movable and he balances perfectly on a shelf or anywhere else."

Carson Catlin's Press release for DCON14 Phase 1

"Holy crap, its time for DCON!!! This will be the only con I will be attending this year so I'm bringing a bunch of stuff.

First up is the Blind Forty for Booth #301. (the one I'm sharing with Lana Crooks and Scott Tolleson) 40 micro munnys reticulated in various styles. They will sell for $40 each. Three of them (Gold & Silver) will grant you a custom 4" in the style of your choosing. One of them (The Mess-up) will grant you a custom 7" in the style of your choosing."
-shared Carson Catlin.
"Three Targets for Munky King Booth #100. Like the custom target I did last year this is a further exploration of the figure. Available in Black & Gold, Red & White, and White & Black. They will go for $350.00 each." -addd Carson Catlin.
I love that the Target-figure is holding a "reticulation-tool" (if that ever was a technical term for said tool lol) - Swell job, Carson!

Seymour's "Double Faced Bust" for DesignerCon #DCON

From SEYMOUR comes these double faced busts (different face on back and front) in a Resin edition of 10pcs (first 4 exclusive for Dcon), featuring "a mix of air brush and hand paint then gloss coated." Standing around 5-inches tall and each priced at US$150.

And while Seymour (Peter Kelk) would be unable to be present at the event, his work however will be made available at the Tiny Travelling Gallery Booth #203.

#INKTOBER2014 Feature: Ken MacMillan (Robo Ohno)

WHAT: *#INKTOBER is essentially an art challenge whereby folks draw an ink illustration each day for everyday in the month of October. In this series of blog-features, TOYSREVIL will showcase an artist each day(-ish) and their works for Inktober 2014 - Along with a lil' Q&A, of course!*

WHO: Ken MacMillan
WHAT: Owner/Illustrator/Graphic Designer – Robo Ohno Graphic Design, LLC
WHERE: www.roboohno.com
SELECT STYLE for INKTOBER: "Copic marker art."

TOYSREVIL: Why did you start Inktober for 2014? Did you do the previous years?
ROBO OHNO: I wanted to jump on board with #inktober because it's an amazing idea. Being able to directly be a part of a community that is so supportive and inspirational is truly a testament to how incredible a time we live in. I've met an incredible amount of hyper-talented and humble artists because of #inktober. It's a fun way to really push yourself out of your comfort zone to see exactly what you're capable of producing.

My artwork has grown leaps and bounds as a direct result of participating. I participated in #inktober last year, and combined it with DaCosta's #botober. Thankfully DaCosta moved his challenge to March (#marchofrobots), so that freed me up to pursue the Nightmare drawings.

TOYSREVIL: Is there any specific "theme" you are going for, for this year's Inktober?
ROBO OHNO: My theme for this year's #inktober has been mainly Nightmare Before Christmas fan art, with a little bit of Invader Zim thrown in. I wanted to really see how far I could push lighting with my Copics, and I'm EXTREMELY satisfied with the results I've been able to achieve. I can't wait to see what this month's efforts lead to in the coming months as far as my work is concerned.

TOYSREVIL: What are you hoping to achieve with executing this project? Do you intend to finish it?
ROBO OHNO: Anytime I get wrapped up in one of these drawing challenges, I try to go in with an open mind. I might have a particular direction that I want to explore. But I try not to lock myself down to a specific goal. I tend to get tunnel vision if I don't allow myself to be open to the possibility of a 'fork in the road', per se.

If I commit to drawing one thing for a challenge, then I might miss the opportunity to make use of some spur of the moment inspiration. And as far as finishing the challenge, I hope I never have to! Although doing #inktober drawings in January might seem a little clingy. ;)
TOYSREVIL: Folks can check out ROBO OHNO's Inktober sketches in his dedicated Facebook album here, and stay tuned to his Instgram @robo_ohno for more sweetness! You had me at "Nightmare Before Christmas", buddy! LOL

"Swamp Thing" Edition HUNTER by Brent Nolasco for SubUrbanVinyl @ #DCON

With the teaser done, here's a closer look at Brent Nolasco's HUNTER edition for DesignerCon 2014 (Nov 8-9). Available at the Suburban Vinyl Booth #515, is the "Swamp Thing" edition of HUNTER, featuring Glass Eyes on an 8" tall resin figure, each priced at US$120.

STORY: "In my days of wandering in countless nomadic adventures, I came across different forms of life. Some have stuck in the landscapes of my mind, and other have been forgotten. Hunter was one that left an impression. I remember the first time I saw him while on one of my daily walks by the river. He rose out of the murky water at dusk and ate insects. He looked around cautiously so as not to be seen. Then he disappeared, back into the river, not to be seen again. From time to time I would lurk in the shadows to try a catch a glimpse of Hunter again, but my luck has run out. I didn’t ever see him again. The only images that I have of him live in my sketch book, until now."

New SOB SKULLS by 13ART x Streets of Beige

Tony & Tom from Streets of Beige shares with us some splendid collectible news that has me green with envy!
"We wanted to let you know about a new edition of resin skulls that we've just dropped. We asked 13ART aka SKULL MAN to turn our logo into a toy and wowsers did he do a great job! "
And boy, DID he! Priced at only US$25 per and in an edition of 30pcs, you can NOW score them via www.sobstore.bigcartel.com :)

Pop! Books: Cthulhu from Funko

FUNKO PRESS: "Cthulhu is a creature created by H.P. Lovecraft and was first featured in his story "Call of Cthulhu". Cthulhu is described as a hybrid man, dragon, and octopus creature with "A pulpy, tentacled head surmounted a grotesque and scaly body with rudimentary wings." Pretty scary, right?!"
Avail;able in January 2015, this is pretty awesome of Funko to release, and here's hoping we'll see more obscure-ish non-media licensed releases from (*cough-cult-cough*) BOOKS :)

Pop! Movies: The Crow from Funko

"Detroit's Devil's Night crime spree has left Eric Draven and his fiancee for dead... Until he is resurrected! Eric Draven is back with a vengeance! The ill-fated rock star has made his return to avenge his murder and that of his fiancee. Prepare to plot revenge with this creepily cute Pop!"
Available now, so do check in with your fav retailers for pricing and availability. And I wouldn't reject a Halloween present such as this sweetness, just sayin'!

HEX Debut Edition - PUMPKIN PI by Crystal Jade Vaughan x 3A Toys

Currently open for pre-sale on Bambalandstore.com is the HEX Debut Edition - PUMPKIN PI by Crystal Jade Vaughan (Bath Spell Collection), alongside other Helloween Releases from 3A Toys. Priced at US$160, this 12" articulated figure set including Pumkin Bath and Sword (no mention of a "comicbook" ;p) with a 1st quarter 2015 shipping schedule. I hope she could be removed from the "bubble bath" tho ~ LOL

3AGO Zombkin, Charkin & Milky by 3A Toys for Helloween Festival

Teased only just yesterday, 3A Toys reveals further product details of one of their "Helloween" releases, with 3AGO ZOMBKIN and CHARKIN editions each priced at US$45, while the 3AA Set 3-Pack includes the exclusive MILKY, priced at US$120 (including shipping).

October 31st @ 9AM Hong Kong time via Bambalandstore.com.

Argonaut Resins' Halloween Resin Release featuring Soko Cat & Adam Pratt

Available online via the Argonaut Resins online store on Oct 30th at 12 noon. are this Halloween resins, courtesy of customs from Soko Cat (The Mummies Set) and Adam Pratt (aka Small Angry Monster - The Darth Maul and Glow in the dark Spirits sets), all sets featuring Tuttz Mini, Pharaoh Hound Mini and Sucio Mouse. Gosh but they look rad!


Helloween Festival Releases from 3A Toys

3A Toys prepares to celebrate "HELLOWEEN" with a skew of releases online via Bambalandstore.com - probably from 9AM Hong Kong time on October 31t - including the following products:

- 1/6 Doctor Doom.
- 1/6 HEX by Crystal Jade Vaughan (accompanied by a comicbook maybe?)
- SYOUPEE release: NISE. Designed and sculpted by Siuyin.
- Pumpkin-headed CHARKIN figures from the 8" tall 3AGO line - in a trio of editions.

Pop Culture Personalities Announced for #ITGCC 2014

PRESS: "Jakarta, 30 October 2014 – In less than one month, ITGCC, the most anticipated toy, game and comic convention will be held on November 22-23 at JIExpo, Jakarta. ITGCC is a spin off event of Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) and is part of the Reed POP events, which includes New York Comic Con and Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo." (www.indotgcc.com /www.facebook.com/indotgcc)

Invited Guests (AKA "Pop Culture Personalities") currently include Cosplayer "Vampy Bit Me", sculptor/artist Jesse Yu aka J★RYU, Graphic Designer from Bangkok, Parinya Pichetsiriporn AKA Benzilla, and the previously announced Simone Legno from tokidoki, and MARVEL's C.B. Cebulski.

J*RYU will also be holding a sculpting workshop "where fans can witness his skills and gain insights about the creative process behind his work."

Seems Pobber will also be attending the event (Booth #AA71, AA73), so it would be interesting if indeed they will debut their "3Balls" collectible with Benzilla? Purely speculation on my part, of course :p

Teaser for "ERIC the DEVILISH CAPTAIN" 1/6 ARTION FIGURE from Eric So

"ERIC the DEVILISH CAPTAIN" Limited Edition "1/6 ARTION FIGURE" is an upcoming new work from Eric So, to be released via his / Pamamamason's new apparel brand "Referee". Wouldn't be too surprised if their embroidered brand logo makes an appearance on the figure's clothes tho :p

GID Bad Brain Editions from Unbox Industries

KARLATOS and MCCULLOCH Edition BAD BRAIN GIDs are currently available from Unbox Industries for US$50 each.

Featuring glow-in-the-dark, these root molded soft vinyl includes an operable bar (to fit in jellies and candies oh yummy), and are perfect for Halloween gifting, methinks! Measuring pprox 20cmx20cmx20cm, the come polybagged and ever ready to "suck and feast on your brainwaves" LOL

"Station to Station" by David Stegmann @ Pretty Portal (Oct 31-Nov 28)

EVENT PRESS: "From 31st of October to 28th of November 2014 Pretty Portal shows works of Swiss-German artist David Stegmann AKA "dust". In the exhibition "STATION TO STATION" David Stegmann presents new works on glass and pieces on canvas and paper. Opening reception is on 31st of October 2014 at 7pm."

EVENT PRESS CONTINUED: "In his work David Stegmann deals with questions of coexistence of humans and the environment. His works, which combine abstract painting and neosurrealism, are partially apocalyptic and visionary. They provide an insight into a fragile, organic microcosm. In the eye of the beholder concrete and fantastic flows together, to dissolve again in the next moment. Nature, with her absolute passion for perfection, color and shape is the source of David Stegmann's inspiration.

David Stegmann has consistently developed his work. After shows in 2008 and 2009, we are happy to show his latest pieces at Pretty Portal."
(Text source: prettyportal)

Mr Munk for #DCON2014

"i am back an i will be at designercon this year with almost 40 customs.i will have a 5 dollar raffle for a custom . people can just look for the display case with my logo."
Shared Mr Munk, and you can look for his booth #518 at DesignerCon 2014 (Nov 8-9), and feel free to head on thru to THIS FB album to view the pieces individually!

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