"X-Men Days of Future Past" illustrated by Tom Whalen as Screen Prints from Mondo

Variant Edition. SRP of US$65. Edition of 150.
18"x24" screen print. Signed & Hand numbered.
Printed by D&L Screenprinting.

"X-Men Days of Future Past" poster illustrated by Tom Whalen, as part of his solo show, PULP MENAGERIE! (Opening reception images) available in 2 editions on sale Thursday via details tweeted @MondoNews.

Makes me wonder and wish if comicbook-adapted live action movies would ever have an illustrated poster, instead of straight-up live-action stars in costume … but of course this is just a geek's fantasy, innit? My fantasy anyways :p

*More images on XMENonFILM :)

Source: SlashFilm


#BigHero6's BAYMAX Disney Motor from Takara Tomy

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And while I've been contemplated getting the all-white BAYMAX mini bus/van model vehicle from Takara Tomy (released some time ago, I know :p), I'd spotted a NEW colorway edition of the car from the "Disney Motor" series, featuring a metallic deeper red seen as Baymax's armor in Big Hero 6! The purple color and mask-white accent is fun!

Available at Toy'R'Us in Tampines Mall in Singapore, it should be priced the SG$9.95 to $10.95 range … still contemplating getting the mobiles tho, but now I NEED BOTH of them LOL

P/S: Apologies is the images are not crystal sharp, as I had snapped them from behind glass doors with my iPhone3 :p

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A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

PORTSSOUL by Michael Lau

Launched May 26th in Hong Kong is the PORTS1961 store - which in itself is not necessarily something TOYSREVIL would bother with any given day, except THIS day also saw the unleashing of a new collectible figure from Michael Lau! In collaboration with Milan Vukmirovic of Ports 1961 menswear, we had previously seen the "ghost sheet" that over the character, and now we have images of said character since named "PORTSSOUL" - both as a collectible figure and a 9-feet tall sculpture.

Will attempt to update on product availability when they are revealed … Meanwhile, more images from IG @michaellau :)

(Below screengrab from video coverage of launch / Click image to view)

Playboy x Sticky Monster Lab: Collectible & Short-Docu

Far be it I would need an excuse to post barely dressed women on my toy-blog, except for when they promote art toys! In this situation, Playboy x Sticky Monster Lab provides the perfect reason for these images, I insist! Don't worry, there's also a short docu-video interviewing SML to help ease in the notion :)

Go snag the first figure to be released from Coartism x Blitzway here on www.coartism.com … and by "figure", I meant the 7 inch tall PVC art toy collectible seen here with the lady on her back, and in her hands.

Priced at US$160.00 per, the pre-order period begun May 1st and will end on May 31st.

"Sea Dragon Brothers" @ QPop Gallery (Opens May 30)

QPOP PRESENTS TATSUNOKO STUDIOS TRIBUTE ART SHOW "SEA DRAGON BROTHERS": "LOS ANGELES, CA (May 28th, 2015)--QPop and Q2 Gallery celebrate one of Japan's longest-standing, influential animation companies, Tatsunoko Productions. Join us for "Sea Dragon Brothers", a collaborative tribute show featuring over forty artists, at our gallery in Little Tokyo!" (Read more Here on FB - including artists list)

Above-left / right: Emily Warren / Felix Ip
Below left / right: Jessica Mao / Mark Nagata

Anime launched by Tatsunoko Productions includes Speed Racer (Mach GoGoGo), the Time Bokan series, Gatchaman, Tekkaman, and Super Dimension Fortress Macross, with some previews here to tantalize your nostalgia-fueled lurve for them!

"Sea Dragon Brothers" launches May 30th (7pm-10pm) @ Q2 Gallery (312 2nd Street # 121, Los Angeles CA 90012 / located across from Jungle Special Collector's Shop in the Little Tokyo Mall)

(Above: Philip Light)

Final 3 customs revealed for Blindbox of Bots from Sekure D

Today we reveal the final 3 of 5 custom Kidrobot Mascots from Sekure D, to be released for your purchasing pleasures come Friday May 29th, 9:00AM AEST (New York, USA: Thursday 28th, 7:00PM EDT / San Francisco, USA: Thursday 28th, 4:00PM PDT) via www.sekured.bigcartel.com.

Priced at US$75 per blind boxed pull, Papa Smurf, a Simpsons Donut and an original Codename Unknown custom joins Minion & Raphel TMNT teases and tempts you to try your luck!

Bigshot Toyworks at LV Licensing Expo in June

PRESS RELEASE: "Bigshot Toyworks, the award-winning creative studio, is launching its All City Style, Four Horsies of the ‘Pocalypse, and FUnicorn brands at Booth W194 at the 2015 Licensing Expo, taking place June 9-11 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

In their first year exhibiting at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo, Bigshot Toyworks will also showcase a wide array of past and current client projects, including work for some of the biggest names in entertainment. Appointments can be arranged by emailing projects@bigshottoyworks.com."

To augment their presence at the Licensing Expo, Bigshot Toyworks will be participating in two more local Las Vegas events in support of their new brands.

Grand Slam II Las Vegas @ PIQ Caesar’s Palace on June 9th featuring 30 graffiti artists and graphic designers contributing custom-painted All City Style trains (www.AllCityStyle.com), and Bigshot Toyworks at Walls360 Open House on June 10th.

Find out more on Facebook. or read the full press release here. Appointments are now available by emailing "projects@bigshottoyworks.com".

Kong Andri's Astroape AP Android Series 5 release

Andri Widjaja AKA Kong Andri shares with TOYSREVIL news of his ANDROID A/P release - scheduled for a drop Friday May 29th (@16.00pm GMT+7 Jakarta time or 9.00am GMT) - featuring his "Astroape", which is a chase figure in the latest Androids Series 5!

Limited to 25 sets, each priced at US$100 + $30 s/h international via www.kongandri.storenvy.com
Astroape android AP on sale, the AP set will include:

(1) signed and numbered astroape android chase figure
(1) Resin bananadog (all bananadog are casted in resin and painted using brush and coated)
(1) signed and numbered authenticity card made from stainless steel

Bananadog should be made into a production figure. Somebody hook Andri up and make it happen. Srsly. :)

#GameofThrones themed arts show "Where the WILDLINGS at" @ Glitch Singapore (Opens June 19)

EVENT PRESS: "From King’s Landing to the Iron Banks of Braavos, the regal world of Game of Thrones is both beautiful and deadly. From Essos to Westeros, travellers have come forth to paint tales of Adventure, to spin portraits of Kings and Queens long gone, and maybe indulge in a bit of Revelry. Each one tells an individual story, maybe to inspire, maybe to deceive. You’ll never know what to expect, so watch your back, because Winter is Coming."

40+ artists from Indonesia and Singapore have come together to showcase their unique renditions of "Game of Thrones" - the book + television series that has, and is still sweeping modern civilization - in an art show titled "Where the WILDLINGS at", launching June 19th at Glitch Singapore (188-8 Tanjong Katong Road).

RSVP via the Events Facebook page, and check out the WIP from Tell Your Children's Deon Phua!

(VALAR MORGHULIS / Pen and Ink on A2 Cartridge Paper)

The Genesis of "Munny 500" - Custom Toy Show in Germany

Besides working as a visual artist, a private school had asked Manuel Heischel AKA CikCuk to take a lectureship for art at "adam olearius schule", for which he is currently involved in this year.

Working with 5th grade students, they are introduced to a new art form: "Art Toys", with Kidrobot Munnys sponsored by a toy store from Germany, Think Pink Celle. WIPs of their work are shown here, and as well more HERE on FB. The finished pieces will be exhibited (tentatively scheduled) in June - the show will be called MUNNY 500 - with one of the partners of the school a bank called Volks und Raifeisen Bank.

"so far we finished the basic undercoating with spraypaint from auto-K, real spraypaint for cars and they give a really cool texture, effect and layering of colors if you mix them up. the kids chose them by their own and based the colors on their concept of the each custom. the theme is totally free, some choose super heroes, animals, action, horror, like what they wanted to do. I kept it open just to let it flow and to let them explore the new media." -shared Manuel Heischel.
"MUNNY: is based on the introduction by me and the drawing process based on the printed out Munny pattern you find in the net. That was the starting point for the kids to define their custom design.

500: its a play, 5 for the grade 5. and 00 for b ( second letter = double 0/00) so in the end 500= 5b :).

Furthermore the whole exhibition is a charity for the kids and the school to collect money, 50% for the 5b and 50% for the school so we can do another custom show next school year, and our plan is to raise 500€. = MUNNY 500. We have 18 kids plus myself (I will support a custom too). We chose a bank to hold the exhibition to get the charity attraction into the right place."
-added Manuel Heischel @ www.cik-cuk.com.


TOYSREVIL Reviews Frank Kozik's Heathrow The Hedgehog

I've had an opportunity to paw Frank Kozik's new blind box series of vinyl Heathrows and spew some of my own impressions (in the video above), and as well share some images here, with MORE on my FB. I got mine at Ozzo Collection in Singapore, as well you could check in with your fav retailer(s) for availability. SRP for each box is US$10.

"Heathrow lives in the Magic Forest and isn't really happy about it. In fact, he hates it, along with just about everything else. Or so he claims, although we have the sneaking suspicion he's just a little bored."

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

Regrettably I have very few toys by @frankkozik #sadface - thanks or the #Heathrow @mikeozzo ! #toylife

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

@frankkozik Heathrow in-hand is so adorable OMG! Snag yours from #OzzoCollections at CSC #toylife

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

ThimbleStump Hollow Color Teasers

Coming from Cardboard Spaceship this summer is the ThimbleStump Hollow blind box figure series, featuring characters from Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak, teasers of which are shown here. Expect 9 characters to collect, with a planned July sale.

Sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider, resin prototypes of the "ThimbleStump Hollow" characters were on display at SDCC'14, with the final vinyl versions to be sized 3-inches tall. The colors shown here are pretty interesting and hardly palette hues I "normally" would have associated with either artists (well, maybe more Spayd less Ryniak :p) … can't wait to see what happens next!

Jim Philip's RUNNING EYE - NEW YORK CITY Art Show & Toy Launch (June 5)

EVENT PRESS: "Legendary skate/surf artist JIM PHILLIPS collaborates with street wear brand Subcrewreact, artist Jahan Loh and art figure makers MIGHTY JAXX to present his latest sculpture work, THE RUNNING EYE. Produced under the direct supervision of Jim himself over a period of 12 months, this limited edition art collectible will be released in New York City on 5th June 2015.

We have invited art and skate personalities who share the same respect towards Jim and his works, to contribute a unique custom Running Eye just for this event. Also available are some lifestyle items based on the Running Eye design, produced by SUBCREW, to commemorate the event."
(Facebook Events)
Participating artists include: Jim Phillips / Jimbo Phillips / Colby Phillips / Christian Hosoi / Steve Caballero / Jakuan Melendez / Greg Mishka / Ewokone ART / Buff Monster / KMNDZ / Godmachine / Brian Flynn / David Flores / Spencer MAR Guilburt / Les Schettkoe / Brian Romero / Austin England / Mark Hoppus. = now, that's quite a roster! Here are some sneaks to look at;

Above-left: Steve Caballero @steviecab
Above-right: Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez @ogkmndz
Below-left: WIP by Les Schettkoe @division_les
Below-right: Teaser of production Running Eye
by Mighty Jaxx (priced at US$80 each)

Comics & Toys for "The Shitty 9" from 3A Toys

"The Shitty 9" is a new running concept/story from ThreeA Toys that has since produced two toy releases with Good Smile Co of Japan, along with an online release of a new "World War Robot" comic series featuring the art of Ashley Wood - images of which are reproduced below, while the following episode can be read in the monthly HobbyJapan magazine, 6 months in a row, starting from the June issue.
"In every issue, there will be 2 pages of all new comics by Ashley Wood, plus 1 page of photos of the new toy. The associated toy will be sold at Good Smile Online Shop in a limited quantity." (via)

Launched for sale yesterday at the GoodSmile online shop is the 1/12th scale RPU DROPCLOTH 2 pack are now on sale at ¥9,600 (for an August 2015 release), while MDL HAROLD was released earlier for pre-orders.

[ More images HERE on FB ]
RIM PATROL UNIT DROPCLOTH: "23 and 87 the first robots known to go awol, they left their corp during a clean up job on a Martian incursion off the coast of New Zealand. They were later found dug in on the coast of Taiwan, how they got there and why is still not known! How they could autonomously leave their surrounds and make way to another country is of great interest to the Earth Coalition, some believe their programming has self evolved or at the least new levels of self awareness have surfaced as part of unknown programming? The WAR EVOLVES. Now part of the Shitty 9 corp!"

[ More images HERE on FB ]
MDL HAROLD / MARINER 4TH DIVISION: "The Sole surviving robot member of the Noachis Defence League which saw the EARTH DEFENCE FORCE drop 100 Large Martin from the IRON PANDA division on the city of Noachis. The battle for Noachis was a turning for MARS where all ongoing negotiations were cancelled. And the MARS ALONE edict was passed that saw MARS annex it self completely from Earth and forge a independent future. This of course was not seen favourably by the EDF! The war continues!"
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