Credenda Studio Presents "Freddy Fett" for San Diego Comic-Con 2015

STORY: "A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, is a universe that is parallel to ours. It is a place where the white picket fences coexist with intergalactic space vehicles, and children draw Earthlings on their floating sidewalks. But lurking under this perfect exterior, there is an evil presence that haunts the nightmares of children, and that evil is Freddy Fett.

Weaving in and out of nightmares, Freddy Fett brings new terror to the minds of children. With his sidekick at his back and his razor-sharp claws, he will show you the true meaning of "Nightmare." No one is safe against this Bounty Hunter."

And while I've previously posted this piece, today we get to have a clearer look at the figure, and blister card backing graphics (designed by Craig Horky), courtesy of Beau Greener of Credenda Studios!

This is a 3 3/4" size figure featuring the classic body shape of Boba Fett contrasted with the Krueger color scheme which has become iconic with pop culture.

Limited to 30pcs, these will be available at the DKE Toys booth 5045 for US$65 each. Each figure also comes with a Freddy worm sidekick and removable hat accessory.

Dark Void Edition Sextopigon The Soul Priest from Skinner x Unbox Industries

Dropping today at 10pm BST via store.unboxindustries.info is this DARK VOID Edition of SEXTOPIGON THE SOUL PRIEST! Designed by Skinner … sculpted by David Arshawsky … produced by Unbox Industries … standing just under 20cm tall … with articulated size arms and nine legs … all this epicness for US$85 per. *faints from awesomness*

Super7 Presents: Mossman Chia Pet - To Be Available at Skeletor’s Lair circa #SDCC2015

"Ch-Ch-Ch-Moss Man, the pottery that grows! Thanks Bob Dinkelman for the intro! Come on down to Skeletor’s Lair, where you can grab your very own Moss Man Chia pet. Soak it in water, apply the seeds, and watch the Man of Moss bloom before your eyes (In 1-2 weeks). Limit one per person for $29.99 each." (Super7 blog)

THIS video promo is so much WIN, I can't … WIN, I SAY!

Cab Dragon by Steve Caballero x Secret-Base x Super7 for #SDCC2015 Release+Signing Event

"Secret-Base and Super7 are proud to present: Steve Caballero’s Cab Dragon! The Legendary Skater will soon be immortalized as a 4″ soft vinyl figure with removable Dragon mask to reveal, none other than Steve Cabalero. There will be a release/signing event taking place at the Super7 Booth #4945 on Saturday, July 11th at 2PM. The debut release will feature an unpainted grey vinyl, which will retail $50 each." (Super7 blog)

Gecco's "Bloodborne Hunter" Figure To Be Revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2015

Gecco Corp announces the impending reveal of the BLOODBORNE HUNTER figure at San Diego Comic-Con, via the Gecco booth #5146. The sculptor of the piece Shinya Akao (HEADLONG) will be in attendance as well!
"We've just got approval for the paint from the video game's developing team last night. Therefore, this is the very first reveal in public." -shared Tsutomu Komatsu for Gecco Corp.

The prototype of the “Hunter” statue was revealed in March earlier this year, at an event in Tokyo held for the release of the PS4 software game (below images of). This 1/6th-scaled PVC prepainted statue stands 32cm tall and will see a release in December, 2015.

We've previously featured their Metal Gear Solid V: Raiden SDCC 2015 exclusive, and if the paintwork will be as amazing as that, then this'll be a splendid piece to keep a watch out for!

(Character Design in PS4)

Thimblestump Hollow by Chris Ryniak x Amanda Louise Spayd x Cardboard Spaceship to Debut at #SDCC2015

Revealed here is the full line-up for Chris Ryniak x Amanda Louse Spayd-designed THIMBLESTUMP HOLLOW mini figures, with a mind-July online release! But folks heading to San Diego Comic-con next weekend are to make a beeline to the Cardboard Spaceship booth #5638 where they will make their adorable debut in public! Check out the "Leprechaun" colorway of the lil'cutie featured below, hugging it's teddy bearbear ~ DDAAAWWWWW

Still not convinced of their cuteness? Witness this video posted below, and feel free to gush forth … I certainly did! LOL

Thimblestump Hollow is coming! My first vinyl toy series with Chris Ryniak and Cardboard Spaceship will be available very soon!

Posted by Amanda Louise Spayd on Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sculpted by Shinbone Creative, these figures will be available blind boxed.

FYI: Both Amanda Louise and Chris will be in attendance at the booth Friday and Saturday

(Will update further product details & exact schedule when I have them.)


New DoomKick Slimes by Joe Amato Dropping July 3

Dropping this Friday July 3rd at 8pm EST via doomkickstore.bigcartel.com are brand new Slimes sculpted by Joe Amato! There will be 3 different versions of the set, with each set priced at US$10 (plus Shipping). Each set comes with the 2 slimes, a Tewoj Header Card, and a special surprise. The sets are:

Standard Green: the “default” color way. Sculpted by Joe, Cast by Jesse Chagnon, and painted by Joe.

Purple/Yellow: The “DK” version. Sculpted by Joe, Cast by Jesse (who painted them with metallic Monster Kolor paints).

Red/Green: The third version. Sculpted by Joe, cast by Jesse (alsopainted them with metallic Monster Kolor paints).

"This will be the last TEWOJ release in resin for quite some time, but if the response is good there is always a chance we will see these guys in full production glory down the road. Either way the numbers on these sets are VERY low so if you’re interested best to snatch them up early before they’re gone. Both Joe and I are very excited about this drop, and look forward to the expanding of the world of Jalldoon." - shared Jesse Chagnon (Read more here)

San Diego Comic Con Teddy Scares Exclusive from Applehead Factory

PRESS: "Applehead Factory is excited to reveal the details of their Teddy Scares 2015 San Diego Comic Con exclusive! This year, an 8” Edwin Morose Coffin will be made available exclusively at the event.

Edwin is back and he is ready to find his soulmate. Entombed in his coffin packaging and a bed of dead roses, Edwin is bound in a bright orange straitjacket with a numbered pin and Certificate of Authenticity. If you reach your finger in his chest you can remove his broken heart! He is limited to only 195 pieces. Edwin has been a fan favorite and at $30, he will surely sell out quickly!

In addition to our SDCC Exclusive the Teddy Scares “Collector’s Series” will be available. Stop by and get them while they last.

The Teddy Scares will be at Booth #4923."

Custom-Feature: "Lady Kroenen" Bella Delamere by JonPaul Kaiser

JPK-SAID: "This is a Bella Delamere figure, designed by Dok A and produced by the now defunct Arts Unknown. This was a private commission and my client asked for a Kroenen-inspired piece (from Hellboy) so this is "Lady Kroenen".

The roses were all individually drawn and painted and took way longer than I thought they would take! The photography was by Justin Allfree and I hope you like her!"
Oh but I do JonPaul Kaiser, how could I not love this splendid vision! Meanwhile you folks could also check out my earlier review post of Bella (NOT the custom, but a production piece :p).

"Ironside Battalion" from Sam Fout Satan's Aces Drops July 20th

The teasers and WIPs are done, and now Sam Fout shares with us a release update on the first figure in the Satan's Aces toy line: Ironside Battalion!
"Ironside Battalion is limited to 50 figures only, in assorted colors. The first 4 will drop July 20 in the store at www.samfout.com for US$134.00 a toy. Figures will come with a vinyl sticker, packaging & limited edition print.

Peeps can follow my ig @samfout for updates. Satan's Aces designed & hand-painted by me, sculpted & cast by DuboseArt @duboseart"

DKE Toys #SDCC2015-Exclusives: Tar-Martians & Bad Acid for San Diego Comic-Con 2015

RETURN OF THE TAR-MARTIAN by Falcontoys feature hand cast and painted 3 ¾” carded figure. Based loosely on the Mars Attack Alien, Falcon Toys has mashed this one up with expert detail. Only 15 made and will be available for US$85 each

PRESS: "Hand cast and hand painted by MannyX and his new brand Iconoclast Toys. There are lots of variations in the color so we are pretty sure this is a multiple color resin pour. This is a follow up to his Black Bart figure. Bootleg Bart has hundreds and hundreds of posts on IG each with a unique bootleg Bart Simpsons shirt. The card back is based on the original 80s Mattel Simpsons line. Figure is to scale as well at about 3.5 inches."
BAD ACID by Manny X – Iconoclast Toys, in an edition of 20, each priced at US$55. Check out the handy promo video below to perhaps assist you in getting excited for the figure!

Flat Bonnie x Giant Robot for #SDCC2015 San Diego Comic-Con 2015

Flat Bonnie shares with us words and snaps of her exclusive plush to be had at this year's San Diego Comic Con, in this instance to be had at the Giant Robot booth #1729 (Don't forget her collabo with Scott Tolleson with Kookie No Good plush too)! Presenting Flat Bonnie x Giant Robot - Comic-Con Exclusive: Manny the Sloth in costume as Chewbacca!

"ChewLoth" is priced at US$50, with this 10" Handmade Plush coming in signed and numbered Special Giant Robot/Comic-Con sewn in tag and hangtag. Comes with adoption certificate, button and sticker. Made from faux fur, vinyl pleather and safety eyes - "Flat Bonnie plushes are made with 100% animal friendly products."


Kaiju Gals' Nemuke & Kinora from Max Toy Co

Max Toy Members are in for a treat! Made available now from Max Toy Co are Kaiju Gals figures Kaiju Nemuke and Kaiju Kinora! Designed by Hikari Bambi and Kaori Hinata respectively, both are priced at US$30 each (Free USA shipping / CA residents pay 8.75% sales tax) and club members can score them by checking your inbox and replying to the Max Toy Co emailer! Any stock not spoken for will be unleashed in the webstore on www.maxtoyco.com somewhen (Stay tuned to IG @maxtoyco for updates).
PRODUCT PRESS: "Figures stand about 3 inches tall. Nemuke is designed by artist Hikaribambi. Kinora the Kaiju Mushroom is designed by artist Kaori Hinata. Both were sculpted by Makino-san of TTToys. A Max Toy/Monster Boogie production."

Custom Munnys for #MUNNY500 Revealed & Ready For Voting Now On Facebook!

The 13 customized Munnys for #Munny 500 are up and viewable via two Facebook locales @ Think Pink Celle and CikCuk - where you can also VOTE for your fav pieces by "Liking" the image(s), with the Top 3 customs with most votes winning prize packages sponsored by Think Pink Celle!

The exhibition itself opens July 7th @ Salzlandsparkasse, Hans Grade Str. 25, 06449 Aschersleben, Germany (Details Blogged).

3DRetro #SDCC2015 Release: David Chung's Finger-Crab Japanese Sofubi 2-Packs

3DRetro announces yet another exclusive for their San Diego Comic-Con tenure: David Chung (The Chung!)’s Finger-Crab Sofubi 2-Packs! Made in Japan, these yummies will be sold as a 2-pack in polybag with header for US$8, available at booth #5045. 'Limited supply, while they last.'

Finger Crabs are produced by 3DRetro, and you can see more of it on Toy Break Episode 357!

PARTIAL PRESS: "Traditionally given to friends and families during the Lunar New Year, which also happens to be Finger-Crab season, these adorable little crustaceans are ment to bring you happiness and good fortune. Humanely fished out of the shores of Japan, these Finger-Crabs have been carefully packaged and preserved for you to enjoy on any occasion. Packed with 2 Finger-Crabs per pack make sure to share your good fortune with someone."

Camilla d’Errico @ #SDCC2015

Camilla d’Errico will be at San Diego Comic Con this year filling her booth #4723 with tons of prints and original drawings (selected pieces previewed here - more featured on camilladerrico.com, including product details). Stay tuned for updates on her Twitter @Helmetgirl. Listed below are also her Panels & Live Painting schedules:

Camilla will be Live Painting at Holbein’s booth#5104
Saturday July 11th from 10am-11am.

Camilla contributes to a live panel,
titled “Science Fiction & Sex”, taking place;
Friday, 7/10/15, 11:30a.m. – 12:30p.m., Room: 24ABC

Autograph Area Signing: Friday AA09 01:00 PM – 02:00 PM

"Join Camilla’s panel for a dynamite talk, and giveaway goodies. Camilla will be signing afterwards in the AA09, so feel welcome to bring your books, prints or other goodies for signing."


(Original Artwork)

FYI: Camilla is one of the invited Pop Culture Personalities for this year's Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Con, so hopefully we'll get to see some of her products (if they are not sold out by SDCC's end, of course!) and perhaps new wrks as welL? *EXCITED*
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