Gary Ham's Android Series 5 A/P Set Drops April 29th

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Releasing this Friday, April 29th at noon PST online via, is Gary Ham's "Android Series 5 AP set". Priced at US$89 per set, limited to 30 sets - each set includes both figures and a 6" x 6" letterpress print.

Candie Bolton's "Beginner Guide to Airbrushing Vinyl Toys and Sofubi How to get started!" Tutorial Video

Candie Bolton (www / Facebook) shares with folks a "Beginner Guide to Airbrushing Vinyl Toys and Sofubi How to get started" video tutorial, featuring basic information on the supplies you'll need to start airbrushing vinyl toys, specifically sofubi (Japanese soft vinyl).

You folks need to follow her on Instagram @candiebolton / Twitter @candie_bolton to check out her art too!

Funko Does Aliens: ReAction: Aliens 3-Pack & Pop!Vinyls for August Release

In lieu of a "product release" on Alien Day #alienday426, Funko does a "product announcement" instead, with news of the "ReAction: Aliens 3-Pack" and "Pop! Movies: Aliens" - both dropping in August! Do check in with your fav retailer(s) for pricing and availability.
ReAction: Aliens 3-Pack FUNKO PRESS: "This time there's more! The Aliens ReAction 3-pack features Ripley, the 5 1/2 inch Power Loader suit, and the Alien Queen, which stands at 5 1/2 inches tall!"

Pop! Movies: Aliens FUNKO PRESS: "Ellen Ripley makes her Pop! debut alongside a super-sized 6" Alien Queen Pop!"

An Alien Facehugger Egg Dustbin To Excite Any Room, in September 2016!

Earlier this year I featured (on PopcornX) a "life-sized" motion activated Alien Egg Unbox Industries, as seen at HK Toy Fair - featuring a storage/refuse bin that had a motion sensor activating the opening of the bin (the video clips has since been pulled tho) … Well, it's happening - just not for #alienday426, but coming in September 2016!

Check out the above video clip (before it gets pulled, and stay connected to Instagram @unboxindustries for updates!

Revealed: 8-Pack UGLYDOLL Mini Monsters by Toy Art Gallery

And while we've gotten excited over glimpses before, today we get to see the upcoming 8-Pack Mini Monster sets from UGLYDOLL x Toy Art Gallery! And it's quite a handful of red AWESOME! Stay tuned for further info for these adorable sofubi creatures!

Teaser photo of the upcoming Ugly Dolls Mini Monsters series. Very excited to work with #uglydolls on this project.

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"BigBot CE" by MAFIA Factory to debut at Bangkok Comic Con 2016

Thailand's MAFIA Factory reveals a new CE figure, with the "BigBot CE"! A 10-inch clear ABS Plastic CE Bot which can hold a Buddy CE inside (imagine it filled up with pastel colored Baby CEs!).

Look for it to be released first at the coming Bangkok Comic Con 2016 (April 29-May 1st, 2016).

Mystery Minis: Harry Potter from Funko

Funko announces their first series of Harry Potter Mystery Minis, slated for a July-release, featuring a bevy of characters from the movies, that if we attempted to collect as Pop!Vinyls, would have our wallets cry out in pain, collectively! Now if only they made the train(s) for these minis too!
FUNKO PRESS: "The Boy Who Lived is accompanied by his friends, Hermione and Ron, as well as Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Dobby the house-elf, Draco Malfoy, Professor McGonagall, and Rubeus Hagrid are part of the set, too! This set also prominently features animals from the series, including Hermione’s cat, Crookshanks, Hagrid’s over-sized boarhound, Fang, and Hedwig, Harry’s owl, among others. Beware, you may even find yourself with He Who Must Not Be Named!"

‪WHIH Newsfront: The Cost of Saving the World‬

Instead of asking you to pick a side, WHIH Newsfront asks: "Who Should Pay for Avengers Damage?"

A new "Captain America: Civil War" viral promo video takes the guise of a televised news-report, and actually asks a more pertinent question, which directly affects "Joe Public". Who Do YOU Think Should Pay?

Call For Submissions: #drawajawa & #drawawookie for #MayThe4th 2016

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Calling for #fanart submissions for #DrawAJawa and #DrawAWookie! Looking to feature your interpretation(s) of Jawa and/or Wookies to be featured on the #TOYSREVIL blog come #maythe4th #starwarsday!

Chewbacca made a comeback in the recent "The Force Awakens", while Jawas remain in the classic Lucas movies before Disney took over the Galaxy, Far Far Away ... so let's not forget the Jawas! And roar to the skies with Wookies! Or at least, that's the plan anyways :)

Drawing or Custom Toy, colored or black-n-white - TAG me your new artwork/drawings on Instagram, or email me at "toysreviler [at]" ASAP! May the 4th is just around the corner too...!

This is purely for fun and tribute, and May The Force Be With You, very soon!

Cheers and looking forward to see your art!


"RAGE" - Alien-themed lithoprint by Orlando Arocena for #alienday426

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Currently available for purchase online via is this official 35th anniversary Alien-themed print from artist Orlando Arocena - titled "RAGE"! Priced at US$40 per 18" x 24" (paper size / image size: 15.8" x 22.8") Limited Edition Lithograph with metallic glitter layer, this 395 piece hand-numbered edition comes with a Certificate of Authenticity!

Collectible Toys for #alienday426

On the eve of Alien Day (scheduled for April 26th in the U.S.), we take a look at what TOYS are available to be had for #alienday426 - as-listed in my previous post!

01. Funko LLC‘s Aliens Queen & Power Loader and Ripley figure set.

02. NECA‘s first ever Lieutenant Vasquez (Jenette Goldstein) and Newt (Carrie Henn) figures
- STATUS: "Those aren't for #alienday426 but are for later this year." (@NECA_TOYS)

03. A Kenner toy-Inspired Ellen Ripley figure from NECA.
- STATUS: Revealed!

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

7" tall Alien Day Exclusive Kenner Tribute Ripley Action Figure comes with Mini-Comic! Available only in Toys R Us and Hastings stores the week of 4/26. Online Availability on 4/26 will be available on the Toys R Us website beginning 4/26 – use to take you there. "A super limited number" - mentioned
FIGURE DESCRIPTION: "Celebrate Alien Day 2016 with a special edition tribute to the classic Kenner Ripley figure from the early ’90s! Lt. Ellen Ripley comes with bandolier and smartgun accessories, plus a commemorative reprint of the Dark Horse mini-comic that was included with the original release in 1993. The 7-inch scale figure features the likeness of Sigourney Weaver, and has over 25 points of articulation. The blister card packaging is an homage to the classic as well, and features a collectible file card with bio."

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04. Alien Ripley 1/6th figure from Hot Toys.
- STATUS: 1/6 Alien Warrior has been announced as of this post.

05. 1:10 scale Warrior Drone ARTFX+ statue from Aliens and mini “Big Chap” figurines from Kotobukiya.
- STATUS: Only an graphic plate has been announced so far (via Twitter @koto_official).

06. Super7 has been steadfast in revealing their toys, including the Alien ReAction carrying case with exclusive GID Alien ReAction figure, a "Alien Nostromo 3-Pack", Alien Queen Molten Silver Gray (made with Secret Base).

*These artifacts will be available Instore only at 11:00am PST and then Online at 7:00pm PST on Tuesday, April 26th.

*No news on the Alien Muscle figures at time of this post (WHAT).

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07. VCD (*Vinyl Collectible Dolls) Alien figure(s) from Medicom Toy.
- STATUS: Revealed!

- 220mm tall "VCD WARRIOR ALIEN" by H8GRAPHiX x MOTOR KEN @ ¥8,800 per available online (for overseas orders) on 4/26)

- 220mm tall VCD ALIEN (re-release) by H8GRAPHiX x MOTOR KEN @ ¥8,800 per available online (for overseas orders) on 4/26)

From Mini-Mates comes this stop-motion animation featuring Deluxe Ripley with Power Loader, Deluxe Alien Queen with Bishop, and Series 2's Newt! (Animation by Alex Kropinak). Diamond Select Toys is going the full mile with their collectibles, viewable on, and you can order Aliens products from your local comic shop (Find a comic shop at Check out their new 4" tall vinyl "Vinimates" (Designed by Art Asylum):

Preview for Fools Parade STILLNESS at Thailand Toy Expo 2016 (May 5-8, 2016)

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"What (are) your dream toys of childhood?" asks Alan Ng of Fools Paradise (Facebook / Double Fools), and he will show you his at the coming Thailand Toy Expo @ CentralWorld, Bangkok (May 5-8, 2016) with "Fools Parade STILLNESS".

Previews here include glimpses at figures and playlets, including the horned "Three Kings – Floating Bull", Ghostbusters' ECTO-1, an in-flight mode Delorean from "Back to the Future", what looks to be a At-At ride, see-saw set, and more here.

Mortis Mobile Infantry Dresden Frau Wave 1 by 3A Toys drops April 28th

Tomorrow Kings | Mortis Mobile Infantry Dresden Frau Wave 1 by 3A Toys drops April 28th at for US$160 each. Known as "Dresden Lady" just earlier in the week (see promo pics below), there's since been a slight "name change" … and we first saw an unpainted prototype of this 1/6th-scaled figure on show at 2015's With Smiles On Our Lips, and since then, a trio of colorway editions are going to hit the toyworld!

[ Individual images HERE on FB ]

I personally am enjoying the pseudo-60/80s vibe of this creation, likened to the visual aesthetics of a avant-garde kitbash made for a indie-budgeted stop-motion project! But truthfully, I am currently no longer a "buying" 3A Toy collector per se (except for the 2000AD line), but would like to know what active 3A-Collectors think of this figure! Here are some thoughts…
"I don't think they've ever had a more mispriced toy in all their history. $160 for half a toy with no clothes or accessories just doesn't make sense. I keep waiting for them to announce new lower price." (Cee Jay on Facebook)

"Littlevilsion" or "Chibi Evilsion" by Rifky M Isa - What Do You Prefer?

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Indonesia-based designer Rifky M Isa shares with us a peek at the WIP of his latest creation - which is to be a "chibi" version of his "Mr Evilsion" (seen below-right). Standing at about 15cm tall, the finished product will come fully painted, and as well be released in DIY Version too!
"This toy is for upcoming toys exhibition in MyTummy Corner in Loubelle … I (am) still thinking about the name "Littlevilsion" or "Chibi Evilsion"." - shared Rifky.

"The world needs the #X-Men" - New Trailer for #XMENApocalypse

Quicksilver comes clean about his relationship with Magneto (*finally tis been acknowledged!) to Mystique, and Wolverine (or at least his claws) guest stars in X-MEN APOCALYPSE! Premieres May 27th, 2016.

Brand New Print Releases by Laurent Durieux, Mark Englert & Chris Skinner from Bottleneck Gallery for #alienday426

Announced previously but revealed today, are PRINTS from Bottleneck Gallery, to be unleashed to the public on Alien Day, April 26th! Note that the prints will be released on location at their screening FIRST, then all remaining Alien prints by Laurent will go on sale online via on Wednesday, April 27th at 12pm eastern.
BOTTLENECK PRESS: "Tomorrow, we will be hosting a screening of Alien at Syndicated BK in Brooklyn, NY at 10pm. The screening is currently sold out however we will still have activities in the theater lobby. Starting at 8pm eastern, we will be giving away pins, prints, and toys provided to us from NECA … (and) you will have the ability to reserve Laurent Durieux's print created for the event..."

Alien (Regular)
9 color screen print / 24 x 36 inches
Numbered edition of 550 @ US$65 each
Printed by VGKids

Alien (Variant)
9 color screen print with metallic inks
24 x 36 inches / Printed by VGKids
Numbered edition of 225 @ US$85 each
BOTTLENECK PRESS CONTINUED: "We will also will have a very limited metal edition that will only be sold at Syndicated the night of the screening. The 24 x 36 inch screen print on metal sheet will cost $250 each and be out of an edition of 50. Twenty will be available to the general public and twenty will be available to ticket holders only.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, the prints will not be on hand for the screening, however we will arrange for free shipping or pickup of the print at a later date from the gallery. "

Hide and Seek by Chris Skinner
6 color metallic screen print
18 x 24 inches
Numbered edition of 175 @ US$45 each.

Can't make the event in person (I know the feels, people - I'm based in Singapore and nowhere near the continent too! :p) - there'll be two online releases by Chris Skinner (above) and Mark Englert (below) going on sale at 12pm eastern on Tuesday, April 26th.

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

"should we take a look inside?" (Regular) by Mark Englert
7 color screen print with glow in the dark layer
12 x 36 inches @ US$50 each
Timed edition until April 27th at 1pm eastern

"should we take a look inside?" (Variant) by Mark Englert
7 color screen print with glow in the dark layer
12 x 36 inches
Numbered edition of 225 @ US$65 each.

glow in the dark layer:
BOTTLENECK PRESS CONCLUDES: "Also, for one day only, you will be able to purchase an Alien inspired Jonesy enamel pin. 100% of all profits will be donated to the Bianca's Furry Friends campaign at the North Shore Animal League. Plus, we will be throwing in one of three random Alien inspired pins that were created for the screening. The set of 2 pins will cost $12 and shipping is free. We will announce how much was raised from the sale on Wednesday.

Last but not least, we will be auctioning off a metal variant of Laurent's print on eBay where 100% of all of the proceeds will go to the campaign as well. We will post the link on our Facebook page once the auction starts on Tuesday."
(The Bottleneck Team)

Fossilpods by James Groman x Toy Art Gallery - Unearthed & Revealed (so far)!

Toy Art Gallery teases prototypes of their second collaboration with James Groman, with the new mini gachas titled "Fossilpods "! Themed along dinosaurs (ala B.C. Blasters) but with a more "mutated/insectoid" vein than "mechanized/weaponized"! Scroll down to peep the critters teased/revealed/unearthed so far featured below = Can't wait to see MORE!

Loving the juxtaposition of the creepy-crawlie variety mash-up with the extinct giants of the Dino Age - extinct no more! BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

Stay connected to either Instagrams @toyartgallery and Gino's person IG @mjoukar for updates!

(Above: "Tyrannomantis")

(Above: "Brontopillar")

A photo posted by James Groman (@jgroman60) on

(Above: "Ankylapod")

ACORN EXPLORER by Daniel Yu x Fanny Kao for Thailand Toy Expo 2016

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Daniel Yu collaborates with Fanny Kao for ACORN EXPLORER, with this special edition of the hand painted Lunar Creep resin collectible making a debut at Thailand Toy Expo! As you can see from the IG Vid below, the Acorn Explorer's flight suit features magnets so you can swap out heads - which consists of a painted Lunar Creep, and an Acorn from Fanny!

Further product details when they are revealed (quatity/ price etc) … meanwhile, more pics!

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"X Bomber" sofubis by Unbox Industries x Medicom Toy for August Release

And while I'd previously gawked over "X Bomber" sofubis made by Unbox Industries (based on marionette tokusatsu created by Go Nagai), Medicom Toys has since solicited both "Ginga Shiro" and "BIGDAI X" - both with a late-August 2016 release!

Space Pilot Shiro stands 250mm tall and has a SRP of ¥12,000 per (US$108 / SGD$146), while the 270mm tall BIGDAI X can be had for also 12,000yen. Do check in with your fav Medicom-dealer for availability! (*Purchases via ships to UA and France, tho)

Announcing Thailand Toy Expo Exclusive One-Offs from Blackbook Toy

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From "A Dope Toy Supply" from Japan, BlackBook Toy announces a trio of Japanese artists that'll be customizing Exclusive One-Offs bound for Thailand Toy Expo, working on BBT-produced figures - featuring Kenth Toy Works ("Mouse Murphy on Airplane" by Ron English) Knuckle of Little Chop Design ("Lil' Alex" from "A Clockwork Carrot" by Frank Kozik) and Chop from Monster Farm ("Evil MC" by Ron English)!

Mind you, as mentioned, these'll be "Exclusive One-Offs", and there'll be MORE to be had! Stay connected on BBT's Instagram @nigo_bbt and Kaz's Facebook!

(Cheers for the headsup, Kaz!)

Scott Wilkowski "infects" Woot Bear on April 30th!

Infamous for his "Infected" toy-aesthetics, artist Scott Wilkowski (IG @SW__._.__WS) will be helming a ONE-NIGHT-ONLY show at Woot Bear (IG @wootbearbelly) on April 30th, and he'll be bringing along a swell Collection of Resin Sculptures including KAMEN RIDERS AND DUNNYS, CREEPY CATS, SIAMESE TWINS, and a WOOT BEAR Original Sculpt, ever ready for a huggy!
EVENT PRESS: "Sculptor, Scott Wilkowski’s need to explore life beyond the surface continues in this one night special event at Woot Bear Gallery. With his trademark Infected technique, Wilkowski shares his passion for both old and new toy forms while always striking a balance between sweet and sinister. The work continues this visual dynamic with the exchange of smooth and rough surfaces as well as Wilkowski’s use of color. For Scott, there is no end in seeing the life that lives in all objects. Wilkowski will be in attendance April 30th 2016."

[ Individual images HERE on Facebook ]

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

Scott Wilkowski - April 30th at Woot Bear πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @sw__._.__ws

A photo posted by WOOT BEAR (@wootbearbelly) on

Date & Time: Saturday APRIL 30th 6-9pm
1512 Haight St, San Francisco CA 94117
Phone: (415) 487-9000

He thinks he is scary, but he is just cute. Introducing Baby Woot; brought to life by Scott Wilkowski @sw__._.__ws

A photo posted by superfifikiki (@superfifikiki) on

(Cheers for the headsup, Jeff)

1/6 Samurai TO-FU by DEVILROBOTS x threezero for April 29th pre-order

Hong Kong 1/6th specialists threezero meets Japan design collective DEVILROBOTS, and the toyful result is a 1/6th scale Samurai TO-FU collectible figure - including a "magical" FROG character - that will be available for pre-order at starting from April 29th 9:00AM Hong Kong time, for US$198 / HK$1540.
WHAT: "Samurai TO-FU collectible stands 15 inches / 37.5 cm tall; features highly detailed clothes (kimono, scarf and bamboo hat) and unique head sculpt; comes with following weapons: samurai sword, wakizashi and gun; five exchangeable hands. Samurai TO-FU is accompanied by Frog, who comes with cabinet and two pairs of exchangeable hands."

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

Samurai TO-FU collectible details:
*Fully-poseable and very detailed figure stands 15” (37.5cm) tall;
*Unique head sculpt;
*Bamboo hat;
*Five Exchangeable hands: one pair for holding swords;
one right hand for holding gun; one pair of relaxed hands;
*Scarf and Kimono;
*Samurai Sword and Wakizashi;
*Highly-detailed clothes

"Frog" includes Robe, Cabinet, Two Pairs of Exchangeable hands: straight and fisted; and Necklace with the key.

(Individual images on Threezero Facebook)

Batman Bearbricks by Medicom Toy for #BatmanvSuperman: #DawnofJustice (October release)

Scheduled for an October 2016 release from Medicom Toy, is their adaptation of BATMAN from Zack Snyder's BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE feature film with the (above-left) 700mm tall BE@RBRICK BATMAN 1000% priced at ¥37,000 (US$331 / SGD$448), and (above-right) 280mm tall BE@RBRICK ARMORED BATMAN 400% with a SRP of ¥8,800 (US$79 / SG$107). Head towards for international pre-orders, or check in with your fav retailer(s) for availability deets!
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