1/6 HALO Master Chief Spartan Mark VI from 3A Toys

Currently available to pre-order via Bambalandstore.com (launched Nov 20th) is 3A Toys' 1/6th-scaled HALO MASTER CHIEF BAMBALAND EXCLUSIVE WEAPON VERSION. Priced at US$240 per (inclusive 'free' worldwide shipping) for a ship-out in second quarter of 2015, here are more pics with further product details:

- Figure Stands 13.5-Inches (34.3cm) Tall
- Over 35 Points of Articulation Featuring Fully Articulated Fingers
- All Rifles Magnetically Attach to Shoulder Armor
- Illuminated Helmet Featuring 4 LED Lights
- Highly-Detailed Sculpt and Paint Application

- Z-250 LightRifle with light-up feature [Bambaland Exclusive Weapon]
- ARC-920 Railgun
- MA5D Assault Rifle
- M11 Combat Knife

BATTERY REQUIREMENTS [Batteries Not Included]
- AG1 x 3 Button Cell Batteries
- CR2032H x 1 Battery for Z-250 LightRifle

Teaser for RWBY RUBY ROSE 1/6th from Threezero

Hong Kong's Threezero releases the first teaser of RWBY Ruby Rose 1/6th scale collectible figure. Samples of the entire team of 4 main characters made their debut at New York Comic Con 2014 in October, with the first figure pending release being RUBY. Click on the links to find more about Rooster Teeth and RWBY

WHO: "Ruby Rose is the main protagonist, leader of Team RWBY, and the first character introduced in RWBY. Ruby's weapon of choice is a High-Caliber Sniper-Scythe (HCSS) known as Crescent Rose.

RWBY is an American animated web series created by Monty Oum for Rooster Teeth Productions. The show is set in the fictional world of Remnant, which is filled with supernatural forces. The series focuses on Team RWBY, which consists of Ruby Rose (Lindsay Jones), Weiss Schnee (Kara Eberle), Blake Belladonna (Arryn Zech) and Yang Xiao Long (Barbara Dunkelman)."

(NYCC Pics via Threezero)

VOLTRON DUNNY from SEN: Bronze & Black Editions Available Now!

An update from SEN since my earlier feature on WIPs of his VOLTRON DUNNY, now ready to roll out! Available in 2 editions: BLACK and BRONZE, with these resin recasts priced at US$50 per, with only 4pcs of each edition made, and currently available to purchase online here! SEN adds; "More of them to come including the original colour".

WIP of "Tiberius Nimbus" from Ink&Clog x Paulus Hyu

Work in progress-snaps of upcoming "TIBERIUS NIMBUS" - featuring the art of INK & CLOG on Day Dream Nimbus resin figures from Paulus Hyu. Limited to 30pcs worldwide, will update with product and availability info when I have it.

MACHINE56's BONE HEAD in 1/6 from GLITCH Network (Seen @ #ITGCC2014)

Seeing the MACHINE56 "Bone Head" figure in 1/6th-scale on @davidthkiller's IG stream, made my toy-loving heart skip a beat. Remembering when Yoga mentioned the notion of a 1/6-figure when I first visited his store in Bandung circa 2009, and getting wind of Fox Box Studio (now know as GLITCH Network) producing the figure, not too long ago, I was sooooo looking forward to see the character made reality!

On display at last weekend's Indonesia Toy, Game & Comic Convention 2014 (Nov 22-23) - here's hoping we'll have further product and availability news soon!

The below images are from MACHINE56's DeviantART, and they are my kinda AWESOMENESS!

TOYSREVIL @ Creative Market 2014

WHAT-IS: "The only local event which puts Original Contents and their creators on the centre stage AND supported by a full range of complementary programmes Creative Market aims to promote fun and interactive communication between content creators and the public! With a slew of activities from Talks and workshops conducted by notable industry figures, to a Comic Arts mini Exhibition and carnival style games developed from original titles by local artists, Creative Market aims to be a fun Day Out that brings together original creators and fans of locally created content- from children to adults!" (Read More)

I had discovered this event via an Instagrammed pic from D'creativeaholic actually, and had initially thought it was "just another" flea market, until I searched and read the above write-up. Not being entrenched in the local indie creative / comicbook illustration scene, it is no small wonder I had not know about this event, unfortunately.

I had popped by the one-day-only event on Sunday at the ground level foyer at National Library (*via the instance of my Mum actually hahahaha) after an entire morning spent at the Affordable Art Fair, and caught the tail end of the event before closing time at 5pm.

Unfortunately I did not even go beyond a couple of tables (seemingly bathed in the gloomy darkness of the downcast sky with no artificial lighting to illuminate a predominately visual event), having met Jerry Teo, and chatted as Ray Toh was closing shop LOL

And swell meeting you Jasmine and Ujin (of Cats Are Tiny Studio)!

Here is what I had gotten at the event, although I never got to meet nor chat with Clio (again, thanks to my Mum for picking these up LOL).

From images on the event's Facebook page, seems the day saw a splendid crowd! (Top pic via). Organized by tcz Studio, here is hoping the event would reach out further towards folks not necessarily involved in the already existing scene, and endeavor to inform and embrace folks beyond.

The community seems a strong one (viewed on as an "outsider" like myself) and hope that "support" would grow beyond artists-supporting-fellow-artists, to the public embracing the artists, IMHO. Regardless my personal impressions, I'd definetly be looking forward to the next event :)

November Blues Bedtime Bunnies & Sleeptime Bunnies Blind Pack Edition fro Peter Kato (Nov 24 Sale)

Launching Monday night Nov 24th @ 8pm is the unleashing of resin goodness from Peter Kato via peterkatoshop.com! Are you ready for NOVEMBER BLUES BEDTIME BUNNIES & SLEEPTIME BUNNIES?
"Coming in an assortment of a November frozen blue hues I have made colors ranging from light to dark blues including clear blue chase figures as all stock will be packed blind assorted this time." -shared Peter Kato.

This Blind Pack Edition comes with Chase figures in each type. There will be in stock 15 pieces Medium size Bedtime Bunnies (US$20 each) with chance of 2 clear blue chase figures.

15 pieces Small size Bedtime Bunnies (US$12 each) with chance of 2 clear blue chase figures. And 35 pieces Sleeptime Bunnies (US$12 each) with chance of 1 clear blue chase figure.

MAIKO II (First Three) from 2PetalRose

"The first three customs of my new Maiko resin model are ready and will be available soon from my shop. I will keep you posted on the release date and time via the mailing list." -shared Liam of 2PetalRose.
Here are some nice snaps to share, along with product details at the bas of this post:

Model features & details:
35cm tall
Maiko model & helmet
Printed Maiko Obi
Katana (sword)
Wood base
(More pics on my FB + www.2petalrose.co.uk)

About That Black MoneyGrip by KaNO for #BlackFriday

"Black Friday". A Boon and Bane for me. "Boon" because I had been a successful procurer of many a toys hoarded via BF-Sales thru the years! "Bane" because I have not been able to for the past couple of years, including this year's … so that sucks, but I remain "stress-free" about needing to buy stuff. *naive-bliss*

Over the weekend I had remarked that BF-news seems pretty sparse of late … or maybe peeps no longer email me such information, to blog-pimp LOL … which I suppose is a "good thing", as "not seen, no need to spend"! … THEN I saw this today;

"At the studio working on a little something for ya'll. This week we'll be flashing back on Black Friday! Black on black Moneygrip's hand painted, edition of 10, more info to come!" @kanokid
…I've always wanted a MoneyGrip, and I am a sucker for all-Black colorways, especially matt on gloss blacks … so NOW I am stressed! LOL

Opening Night Video & Online Sales Listings for UnAmerican Activity @ Toy Art Gallery

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: "Toy Art Gallery is proud to present “UNAMERICAN ACTIVITY” featuring works by Doktor A, Jon-Paul Kaiser, and Seymour Art! This custom toy exhibit showcases each international artist’s style and technique for transforming one object into another; from Victorian Futurist robots to graphic hard-edged black and white to vibrant detailed characters."
Piece for the show are currently available for online purchase here, while Opening Night images can be viewed here on FB. As well TOYSREVIL did a micro series of Q&A features leading up to the event, which you can check out here:

*Feature with Jon-Paul Kaiser
*Feature with Doktor A
*Feature with Seymour


TOYSREVIL @ Sunday Sketch Jam by RSCLS

The "triumph" I achieved today, was turning up for the Sunday Sketch Jam at RCLS HQ in Aliwal Art Centre, and "publicly" doodled a couple of pieces, which will make their way to Jakarta for display at Gardu House, somewhen in December!

Starting 2pm and ended at 6pm, this one-day-only event saw a room packed with folks and artists drawing on elongated pieces of paper, on communal tables. A table lined with catered food (not your usual fried beehoon and fried fishballs b.s. - RSCLS always sorts out good eats ;p), and the space was sorted. The cupcake company was a nice touch LOL

ZERO from RSCLS mentioned that the aim of this event, was to get folks chatting and interacting with each other, as most times at urban art events, you'd most often get to see the artists working on walls, and having a chance to chat when they take a break.

This was a once air-conditioned setting (#WIN) and to me, a very welcomed event, which would be great to see more and often of, IMHO.

Me? I am just selfishly happy for myself I crawled out of my comfort zone and joined the public hahaha … and maybe next time I'll pluck up enough courage to say "hi" to other folks :p


The only "facepalm" moment I had personally achieved, was forgetting to bring my own tools/stationary for drawing! A bout of silent panic later, I doodled on with whatever I had, and thank goodness for the color markers RSCLS provided at the venue! Shown above are my two pieces: "10 Years of TOYSREVIL" and "FIGHT!" … And then I saw SKL0's and SHEEP's pieces, and I suck thumb … BUT that is to be expected, of course! LOL

Toy Hunting with Luke Chueh in CSC Sunday

Had an opportunity to personally meet Luke Chueh again today (we met at STGCC the year before last) and hunted for toys at the Sunday Flea Market at China Square Central, with him walking away with really splendid goodies (I personally always love to see what artists collect and buy ;p). After Beef Noodles, coffee and walking in the rain later, selfies and toy-snaps with Gundam merch, tentacled hentai love, and awesome sofubi I would've "fought" Luke over for (If I had the $ to afford it tho LOL). Great times!

Luke will be in town for the rest of the week, and as well his 3B show - launched Nov 21st at FLABSLAB - will continue on exhibiting for another 2 weeks! Weekdays during office hours of 11am - 7pm, so this is your chance to check it out if you missed the launch, and score some collectibles (although all painted pieces have since been snatched up), not to mention BOBA - currently available online for International fans - and maybe get to meet Luke in person!

Stay tuned to Luke's adventures in Singapore via his Instagram @lukechueh :) … meanwhile, THIS is what I meant by "tentacle love":


#affordableartfair 2014 Instagrammed on @toysrevil

The "problem" I face these days, with regards to "art", is that my personal preferences has drastically veered from my notion some semi-odd decade ago, when I was knee deep in a weekly local (Singapore) television program about "the arts" (for three seasons/series, no less *snort*), whereby my said-notion of the arts, was molded and shaped by the artists and folks we featured and interviewed locally in Singapore. Although I was hardly "convinced", but I digress …

The landscape then was pretty different from now, but yet remains the same, IMHO

With my #previousworklife quasi-firmly behind me (who am I joking? We can leave the job, but the job never leaves us LOL), my personal tastes has veered towards what could only be termed as "lowbrow art" - less "thrift-store" and more "pop culture inspired / hijacked / riffed". And with that in mind, the 2014 AFFORDABLE ART FAIR suited my "touristo" tastes to a T! (FYI: I do not deem myself to be a "connoisseur", so being an "interested tourist" works for me :p).

But the "downside" to my bloggery attempts for the past nearly-decade (FYI: The TOYSREVIL-blog will celebrate 10 years of existence next February 2015), was that my focus somehow veered to 3-dimensional sculpts, and who aesthetics looked more "toy" or "collectible", rather than the freeform-splendor of the arts LOL

As well the artwork and canvases that caught my eye (I was wearing an eye-patch, 'nuff said) were more pop-culture related. The aesthetics of "Chibi" / super-deformed "cute" also resonated deeply within me ... I felt like such a "fluff" at times, but hell, I enjoyed myself thoroughly!

But hey, this is a measure of "myself" and of my own very personal tastes, and definitely not of my "evaluation" of the artwork displayed :)

Featured here in this post are a small selection of images I instagrammed on @toysrevil, and mostly uploaded HERE on my dedicated FB album, which sadly might not provide the information which I will continue to update on my IG instead (ie: Name of Artists, Gallery it belonged to etc). In time I will attempt to update the info, as well as upload MORE images (I snapped more than I intended to anyways muahahahahaha) … meanwhile, ENJOY!

FYI: The #affordableartfair #aafsg14 is located at the F1 Pit Building, Singapore - and fills up the length of two entire floors (L2 & L3). I never truly saw the entirety of L2 but I had an impression I would've enjoyed it more hahahaha.

Opened Nov 20th, the last day is on Sunday November 23rd, from 11AM to 6PM. Tickets are priced at SGD$15 per adult.

PRESS: "November marks the return of the fifth edition of Affordable Art Fair Singapore! Calling all art enthusiasts, art lovers and art novices, step through our doors for a visual treat that is sure to keep you within your budget. This year, we are excited to bring together 108 local and international galleries showing artworks priced between S$100 – S$10,000 from more than 950 artists. Not to forget our exciting features of the fair such as our Young Talent Programme, Under $1000 Wall, Art Education Programme and many more." (affordableartfair.com)
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