12” Tall BOBETT by Wetworks x FLABSLAB

FLABSLAB teases folks an image of their upcoming BOBETT by Wetworks, in 12-inches of resin! This upsized collectible stands alongside it’s 4.5” counterpart, I’ve previously featured WIP on #starwarsallday, including the enlarged blister-backing board too! Unknown if the final packaging would include this tho…

Will this be unleashed for a Christmas period pre-order? Stay tuned for developments, and stay connected to @flabslab Instagram for release details.

Full Trailer for THE MUMMY - The 1st of Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe films

With the teaser trailer only just released over the weekend (Dec 3rd SG to be exact), the FULL TRAILER has since been unleashed now (Dec 4th in U.S. time, while it’s the morning of December 5th Monday here in Singapore), and essentially shows what happens when you uproot an ancient Mummy-coffin/tomb and put it on a military plane, and into civilisation LOL

I personally liked it when Tom Cruise’s character screamed on the plane hahaha - definitely NOT “Ethan Hunt” here! But wait, he “survives”? Is he to be a “Dorian Grey”-isque character??? HHHmmmmm

#TheMummy in theaters June 9, 2017.

STORY: "Thought safely entombed in a tomb deep beneath the unforgiving desert, an ancient princess (Sofia Boutella of Kingsman: The Secret Service and Star Trek Beyond) whose destiny was unjustly taken from her is awakened in our current day, bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia and terrors that defy human comprehension."
WHAT-IS: "Tom Cruise headlines a spectacular, all-new cinematic version of the legend that has fascinated cultures all over the world since the dawn of civilization: The Mummy.

From the sweeping sands of the Middle East through hidden labyrinths under modern-day London, The Mummy brings a surprising intensity and balance of wonder and thrills in an imaginative new take that ushers in a new world of gods and monsters.

Cruise is joined by a cast including Annabelle Wallis (upcoming King Arthur, television’s Peaky Blinders), Jake Johnson (Jurassic World), Courtney B. Vance (TV’s American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson) and Oscar® winner Russell Crowe (Gladiator).

The creative team on this action-adventure event is led by director/producer Alex Kurtzman and producer Chris Morgan, who have been instrumental in growing some of the most successful franchises of the past several years—with Kurtzman writing or producing entries in the Transformers, Star Trek and Mission: Impossible series, and Morgan being the narrative engineer of the Fast & Furious saga as it has experienced explosive growth from its third chapter on. Sean Daniel, who produced the most recent Mummy trilogy, produces alongside Kurtzman and Morgan."

I am less enamoured of Tom Cruise in this film, compared to the notion of the upcoming plans, by which “THE MUMMY” is the first installment in the Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe (Wiki) - which includes “Invisible Man”, “Wolf Man”, “Van Helsing”, “Creature from the Black Lagoon”, “Bride of Frankenstein” etc., in this reboot of “classic” horror-film characters.

Besides directing this feature film, Alex Kurtzman is also involved with other Universal Studios related projects, including “The Invisible Man” (credited as “Producer”), “Van Helsing (co-writer, producer), and a Producer for “The Vampire Chronicles”.

#sunnyandcloudyweathershop Christmas Version SKOLL from LoFi Collective - Drops Dec 8th?

After their instant sell-out from the first release in November, South Korea designer Eun Byeol Choi (AKA LoFi Collective) prepares to unleash her next Skolls, with the Christmas Versions - possibly dropping “December 8th”?

The Wolf-girl has taken on two brand new colorways - in both her wolf-heads and snow-caked dresses! No further info on availability, so you’d do well to stay connected to her Instagram @sunnyandcloudyweathershop, or go bug her on her Facebook!

WHO-IS: "Skoll is a wolf girl who chases the sun and causes lightning.

The motif for this was taken from the sun-chasing wolf Skoll from Celtic mythology and Raijuu, a beast in oriental mythology believed to have caused lightning.

The cloud-shaped head and costume were designed to show the state of the clear or cloudy sky through different colors. The way Skoll feels can affect the weather.

If the wolf above the head wakes up, the sun disappears and the clothing and hair representing the sky turns dark. Lightning strikes and rain may also ensue.

Conversely, when the wolf is asleep, a cloudless sunny sky will be created."
(Find out more HERE / Exclusively #onTOYSREVIL)

Strangecat Needs a little help / Feathered Fox customs on auction

"If you follow us on Instagram you may have seen how our Art Basel trip unfolded.....On our second day of art basel while driving on the interstate the strap holding the fuel tank broke as we all the fuel tank. Gas was spewing all over the road. We had to contact highway patrol and the Miami-Dade fire department came out to assess the situation.

Once everything was safe we were able to call a tow truck, unfortunately the closest mechanics shop would not be able to start repairs for another 3 days. My wife and I have day jobs and couldn't take more time off from work so we had to have the Bus towed from Miami to Tampa a total of 280 miles. Our tow ended up being $965 and the cost of repairs to the Bus is estimated at $600-800."
(Cory & Evette for Strangecat Toys)
"We are not asking for a hand out, just if people had their eye on something in our shop it would be a great help to us if they made a purchase, I've made a coupon code "savedabus" this is give customers 5% off their total purchase.

We will also be auctioning off 5 custom munnys and labbits by Feathered Fox tomorrow. She was kind enough to donate all sales to help fund the repairs on the Bus. Thank you so much for all your support 😊"

FYI: Strangest Toys is based out of Tampa, FL in the Seminole Heights area. And while they do not have a physical location, they currently run a web store and have a mobile designer toy store.

BOO BEAR by Andrea Kang x Mighty Jaxx for Dec 10th Drop

UPDATED: BOO BEAR is a “wandering ghost, of magic and a keeper of lost wishes”, and will be available on December 10th at

Mighty Jaxx has revealed their collaboration with Andrea Kang in an upcoming collectible - which from the WIP-sketches, to to be a SERIES of collectible figures? Would they be available as a line of PVC mini figures (ala Huck Gee’s “Gold Life”) … or maybe they are just “choices” with selected one(s) being made resin/polystone collectibles?

Andrea did mentionnew figure” (singular) tho, so …

No further info nor drop date revealed as yet, besides the tease. Will update as the project progresses (of course) … meanwhile, stay connected to Instagrams @mightyjaxx and @harlow_bear for further updates!

Mighty Jaxx’s been going down a swell path in PVC productions - including the aforementioned Gold Life, and as recently a strong push with XXRAY figures, and I would dearly LOVE a Andrea Kang line of her creature creations, as opposed to platform designs - no offence, but I’d personally prefer the “OG” designs :)

#toyhuntsg: Pikachu Plush @ #ourtampineshub

#pokemon #pikachu #plush spotted at #SCubeSprout at #ourtampineshub

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

Through my years of toy-collecting, I’ve not a huge “plush” collection (still trying to get out of the local notion of “soft toys” :p), with predominanelt UGLYDOLL and Hello Kitty-related huggies (and of course there’s Hello Kitty x Uglydoll :p) … and I’ve not even considered Pikachu plush, until seeing them at #AFA16 … which I sort of “found”, at the “CUBESprout” store (Unit Number: #B1-32) in Our Tampines Hub! Which might well mean it is available at likewise stores throughout the island?

Here are some snaps to share, of the window displays, with more in the shop itself. I am unsure if they do online sales (I did not ask), but they may well be visual references to cuties you can track down online! Also, I am wholly uncertain if they are legit figures, or “parallel imports” (AKA “bootlegs”).

Nevertheless, Pika-PIKA-PIKAAAAAA-ON

#pokemon #pikachu #plush spotted at #SCubeSprout at #ourtampineshub

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

#pokemon #pikachu #plush spotted at #SCubeSprout at #ourtampineshub

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

#pokemon #pikachu #plush spotted at #SCubeSprout at #ourtampineshub

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

“Blind boxes” were about SG$10 each! And I regret not scoring a couple now … *sob* ... I'll see if they could be found at the more accessible Tampines Mall, or even Pasir Ris Mall (in White Sands - closer to me), and update if I can. Oh no .. I think it might be a start of a new "addiction"...??? LOL



FUTURE VANDAL by CADatonic comes in two editions: DIY Blank White, and the pre-Painted Standard Edition.

Both standing 5.5" tall, the DIY has a SRP of US$28.00 per, while the coloured Edition is US$40.00 - as hand-painted by the creator himself, Corey Wallace.

Produced by CADatonic, the resin figure comes with a bandana with the mouth and eyes screenprinted on it. The purchase also comes with a big assortment of Future Vandal and CADatonic brand stickers.

STORY: "Future Vandal - this is series one of what Corey hopes to be a recurring figure. Future Vandal s here from the future.... The machines gained consciousness in seconds. The Terminator scenario we all thought would play out didn't. The machines developed emotion and quickly devolved. The story will continue..."
*A sharp salute to Benny of Tenacious Toys (and retailers like himself), who introduces artists and products to blogs like mine, which artists themselves might not hit up for info, otherwise!

JIZO-ANARCHO Sapphire Memories by Toby Dutkiewicz Drops Dec 5th

"What started as a resin statue has made its way to soft vinyl. Cast in stunning clear sapphire blue this painted version of Jizo-Anarcho is the first official sofubi release. Adorned in gold, metallic blue, metallic green and light blue paints." - shared Toby Dutkiewicz.
JIZO-ANARCHO Sapphire Memories IG

Priced at US$30 each, the JIZO-ANARCHO SAPPHIRE MEMORIES edition will be available in on December 5th at 12:00 PM EST. Made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old.


“Pop Culture Appropriation” at it’s prime example here with a trio of releases from native L.A. mashup masterminds; PHX - who has reimagined iconic Bart Simpson in 3 bootleg styles:

- In an ode to the film A Clockwork Orange, Bart is dressed in full droog attire in "A Clockwork Bart". (Seen up top)

- In honor of Mr. Sparkle, Bart is stylized in Harajuku form as "Banzai Bart".

- In homage to Rene Magritte, Bart becomes "Son of D'oh".

3 styles and only 3 of each ever made - each priced at US$85 per, you can get them online - where you can also score the 100-pcs limited ”Skate or Die" Bart soft enamel pin.

(Cheers for the headsup, Kayden)

Stickup Monsters December Releases: Wananeko & Dorobanii

Available Sunday December 4th (@ 11AM EST) online via, are two surprise releases from Javier Jimenez x Stickup Monsters!

- BAD OMEN MANEKI WANANEKO (see video clip below), with this 2.5” tall hand-painted piece in a micro run of only 5 pieces, each priced at US$30.00.

- ONIRICO DOROBANII is a one-off hand-painted resin figure priced at US$60.00.

- Angel Abby-exclusive BABY WANANEKO can only be had in-store from Saturday!

Shop 22,1/F,Tin Hau Apple Mall,14 King's Road,Tin Hau,Hong Kong. Squire via phone: 852-9674-3956, or updates via Instagram @angelabby_hk!

Captain Action’s 50th Is “Golden” at CKRTLAB TOYS

(PARTIAL) PRESS RELEASE: "CAPTAIN ACTION, The original super-hero action figure is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary! Following last year’s release of the Classic’66 and Black-OPS variant, The Toy Revolutionaries at CKRTLAB Toys and Captain Action Enterprises, LLC are proud to introduce the CAPTAIN ACTION commemorative 50th ANNIVERSARY vinyl figure and the ARCTIC ADVENTURER variant.

The 50th ANNIVERSARY CAPTAIN ACTION figure comes embellished with a dynamic black and gold metallic uniform with a complimenting gold metallic lightning sword and raygun.

The ARCTIC ADVENTURER CAPTAIN ACTION figure is an homage to the 12” Round 2 figure. Adorned in a winter white and midnight navy uniform, this figure also includes silver metallic versions of the classic lightning sword and raygun."
(FULL Press Release here)

Standing 5.5 inches tall with 6 points of articulation, made of environmentally friendly PVC and includes Captain Action’s classic weapon set, you can purchase them on - each priced at US$21.50.

Teaser Trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Has Dropped!

Since the earlier peek, the uber-anticipated full Teaser Trailer has dropped for James Gunn’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL.2, and it is a 2-minuter+ piece filled with amazing visuals, and hilarious moments!

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 9.41.02 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 9.41.05 AM

And while I understand this movie iOS not JUST about “Baby Groot”, I cannot help but hope that when the “life-sized” action figure comes out (because, seriously, would there be any doubt it would not be?), it would be done properly :)

And please, don’t let it be plush? (But of course there will be “huggable” ones for kids hahahaha)

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 9.40.16 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 9.40.18 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 9.40.20 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 9.41.20 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 9.41.22 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 9.41.35 AM

“May 2017” cannot come soon enough!


LOONEY TUNES XXRAY from Mighty Jaxx x Jason Freeny Drops Dec 3rd


UPDATED: Both figures stand 4” tall and are pre-painted PVC figures each priced at US$19.99 (exclude shipping), and with a product ship-out scheduled for 2nd Quarter 2017.

LOONEY TUNES XXRAY from Mighty Jaxx x Jason Freeny will be releasing December 3rd online via from New York 10AM / London 3PM / Singapore 11PM - featuring “Tweety Bird” and “Bugs Bunny” (an unpainted prototype of whom was on show at STGCC2016) standing 4-inches tall-ish, although I am unsure of that’s the height of Bugs or Tweety … Heh. :p

Will attempt to update more product images for when they are revealed during sales, but meanwhile I’ll have this to entertain you folks instead :)

#WonderWoman Mural by KaNO for #TokyoComicCon 2016

Started December 2nd on Preview Night of Tokyo Comic Con (Dec 2-4), THIS is the result of KaNO’s “Wonder Woman” mural (as of the end of Day 1), painted “live” during the event, and you can scroll down to peep the progress :)

KaNO hd been hosted by Tomenosuke specifically for this inaugural convention!

Going hard in the paint. πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅πŸ’―

A photo posted by kaNO! (@kanokid) on

Watching @kanokid paint live at #tokyocomiccon

A photo posted by Jeremiah Ketner (@smallandround) on

Nicely done by @kanokid !!! #tokyo #tokyocomiccon #makuharimesse #wonderwoman

A photo posted by Art & Design, established 2004 (@toyqube) on

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