Plastic Culture exclusive Batik Uamou @ #PopconAsia2014

Revealed at Popcon Asia 2014 (Sept 19-21) is this all BATIK UAMOU, exclusively available from Plastic Culture booth 46-48! Featuring Indonesia's own traditional BATIK pattern printed (vinyl) as an insert in each UAMOU (from Japan), with each piece/design limited to 5 pieces as part a set, with a total of only 25 figures all together to be had! No prices revealed at this time, so I reckon you folks should go bug the folks at PC for dibs, and quick!

"DREAMS" Custom-Dunnys from The Brotherhood of Toys Previewed at #PopconAsia2014

Debut for public peeps at Popcon Asia 2014 (Sept 19-21) is DREAM SERIES Dunnys presented by Brotherhood of Toys Indonesia, which features a series of 3" custom Dunnys to be made available as blind box purchases, with proceeds to benefit the World Harvest organization with their "Adopt/Support a Child" program that aimed to help on children's need especially in educational and health supports.

This first wave are based on the concept "Dream", and they are currently exclusively previewed at Plastic Culture's booth #47-48 at Popcon, and thanks to @plasticculture we have some pics to gawk at. Stay tuned for further availability details when they are revealed.

"The Art of TK Mook" Page Flip Video

Ever wondered what the "The Art of TK Mook" looks like? Wonder no more, for Wey Ming Chong has provided us with a page-flippin' peek at the "bonus" publication that comes with the ordering with all the first 3 x 1/6 figures in the TKLUB from 3A Toys, featuring all-things "Tomorrow Kings" within the pages.

(Additional pic via IG @mikeozzo)

WHOP @ #PopconAsia2014

A quick peek at Addy Debil AKA WHOP's booth AAH.13 at Popcon Asia 2014 (Sept 19-21), featuring a full panel wall graffiti (great for photo-ops), merch and of course his resin "HANK". There's even a pir of customized CEs on display (pics from IG @mafiafactory).

Toy Kultur @ #PopconAsia2014

I've been waiting to see this particular part of Toy Kultur's booth/table display at Popcon Asia 2014 (Sept 19-21), which featured numerous toy exclusives from folks like Candie Bolton, Max Toy Co, Javier Jiminez, Richard Page / UME Toys etc …

And as well we get to see Paulus Hyu's Sleepwalker Nimbus on show, and Indra's own ocha/tea-drinking dinosaur "Gacha", seen here chillin' next to Eric's "Wilson" the paper robot!

(Pics via @icoys @davidthekiller @wijayasantoso @thespacewanderer_)

#playingwith Foster from Super7

OMG I can't believe I only accidentally found out today that I could actually open up my Foster from @super7store !!! LOL #toylife

I bought mine direct from super7store.com a few years back during their Black Friday sales = "Discounts" FTW! Lol


Marine Ramdhanix Jouwe Capsule Collections @ #PopconAsia2014

And here is a quick snap of the complete JOUWE x TOYSREVIL Capsule Collection released Popcon Asia 2014 - featuring a tote bag, tee, art print, sticker, button, and as well the "original" Jouwe custom which I completed in 2010, but never did make it to the art gallery for display!

Also shown below are collections with Nakanari and Hello Muaw! Make your way to AAH.11 to purchase to your hearts' desires, and thanks for the support! Popcon exhibits from Friday Sept 19th thru to Sunday Sept 21st

Source: IG @marine_ramdhani

MUTE: Eric Noah + MrKumKum @ #PopconAsia2014

The MUTE Booth AAH5 at Popcon Asia 2014 (Sept 19-21) is helmed by two gentlemen; Eric Christian (IG @eric_noah) and Mr Kum Kum (IG @mrkumkum), and between them there are original artwork and sketches of K-Pop stars (Eric's "speciality"), tees, prints and custom painted gold+black art toys. Stunning stuff, indeed!

ALYMPU x BHAGASKARA @ #PopconAsia2014

AAH10 saw a combined booth featuring ALYMPU x Bowo Baghaskara at Popcon Asia 2014 (Sept 19-21) - featuring the customs x kitbashed 1/6 from ALYMPU (wished I could see more tho, as I am aftrewr all a 1/6-head ;p), and art toys from Bowo, which features a vibrant and metallic color aesthetic I've not seen from his earlier Earthy-based palette = *INTERESTING*

Source: Bowo Facebook

Plastic Culture & Nakanari @ #PopconAsia2014

Plastic Culture has been keeping pretty tight ship on their Facebook page, showcasing the art toy scene from Popcon Asia 2014 (Sept 19-21) including scenes of Invited Guest Nakanari! Don't forget to check out their booth 46-49 for designer toy goodness - Don't forget to pick up the exclusive Black Lucky Cat Spiki from Nakanari - and also their recently launched online store @ www.plasticculture.toys.

"Shadow Spirit" by The Good Habit @ #PopconAsia2014

Spotted at The Good Habit booth AAH.8 is a large scaled (42cm tall) resin figure "Shadow Spirit" featuring the likeness of the Street Artist from Jakarta's mascot, also seen in numerous art prints, tee and his street art. According to his IG @thegoodhabit there will be 10pcs available for sales (Price unknown).

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