TK YOSHITSUNE of the 7BONES by 3A Toys On Sale Sept 1st

In addition to the images of Heavy Duty Slicker TK Yoshitsune, here's a new image, PLUS a little "revelatory" write-up that might stir collectors of 3A Toys' "7 Bones" up into perhaps a "buying frenzy"? Heh.
3ATOYS: "YOSHITSUNE of the 7BONES, the catcher - if memories were real, and they seldom are - you would hold a drink high in his memory... If you could remember... you would remember a cat that sings and says fuck, a guy who cant find himself but can stop Death with a touch, and an orange robot that was once a...$145 to build your own future memories on September 1."

UME TOYS Does GeekWok T-shirts

UME PRESS: "We are proud to announce that the t-shirts are now available to order over on the UME store. They come in 2 colour ways 'Mono' on a sports grey shirt and 'Colour' on a white shirt. We have multiple options for adult sizes along with childrens sizes. Pop over to the UME store now if you fancy adding one of these guys to your t-shirt collection."

“The Furbies” by D'creativeaholic for Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con 2014

Shenly Yee of D'creativeaholic shares word+snaps of her new little soft sculpture art pieces called “The Furbies” friendly monsters releasing at the coming Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014)! As well available at Artist Alley booth AA 61 are hand-painted "Flourish" edition of her vinyl toy "Lofing".

Additional images via IG @dcreativeaholic

WIPs of "Evil Ryu" by Kinetiquettes for Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con 2014

When TOYSREVIL last featured new local outfit Kinetiquettes, we were treated to images of their licensed Street Fighter figure; "Satsui no Hadou" AKA "Evil Ryu" - in a frozen acton moment as he is "just about to release his Metsu Hadouken "as he stands on the temple rooftop as it is being shredded apart by the vortex of the fireball".

Now I really can't wait to see how that "fireball vortex" looks like!

Featured here today are a series of work-in-progress snaps, the final version of which is to be on display at the coming Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014) via Artist Alley booth AA6 - and where they will be opening the preorders for Evil Ryu at the event at an "exclusive price".

Twitter @Kinetiquettes
IG @Kinetiquettes

Shawn Yap / 13Wishes for Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con 2014

Releasing at the coming Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014) is local illustrator Shawn Yap AKA 13Wishes' first Print-book (Artbox); "Bubble Pop!". Shown here are some artwork previews, and you could check out both their reveals at booth D35 & C36 at STGCC!
"I'll be releasing my first art-collection - "Bubble Pop!" - An exclusive, super limited print-book featuring 5 of my newest artwork (and then some more other cool freebies!) in an all new "Ultra Print" format - a 2 sided print collecting not just the artwork, but also a bit of insight into the journey behind each of them!" -Facebooked Shawn Yap.

Brent Nolasco for New York Comic Con 2014

Brent Nolasco shares with us a sneak peek at a new project in the works for New York Comic Con 2014 (Oct 9-12), which will be released at the myplasticheart booth.
"The figure is based on early designs I have done in my black books through the years. These characters I only drew for my kids when they where growing up." -shared Brent with TOYSREVIL.

Comicbook SuperVillainess Prints from Harvey M Tolibao @ Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con 2014

And so if the silver-screen versions of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles did not "move" you, how about some decidedly villainess ladies instead? To be made available as Collectible Prints at next weekend's Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014) are these fabulous illustrations by Harvey M Tolibao - featuring the above-featured depictions of DC Comics' "Poison Ivy" & "Harley Quinn" (Colored by Gab of HMT Studios), and MARVEL's "Felicia Hardy" AKA "Black Cat" and Spidey-plush (Colored by Kevin of HMT Studios) - for your kind collective considerations!

I currently have no answers for "How Big?", or "How Much?" … but looks like I might have to consider bringing in a poster roll to STGCC this time round … :)

Tim Biskup Objects Archive Opened for Labor Day Sept 1st Sale

In honor of the upcoming September 1st Labor Day celebrations in the United States, Tim Biskup announces the opening/launch of long awaited Biskup-Objects Archive - including some serious toyness such as:

Alpha Gaichou - Black Painted Version @ US$65.00
Flat-Calli @ US$1 each?!
Helper Vinyl - Yellow & Red Versions @ US$200 & US$150 respectively.
Calli - Gold Angel Dust Version @ US$80.00.
Tigerlily - Long Gone Original Version @ US$250.00.

"Over the years, Tim has produced nearly 100 separate editions of sculptural objects--bronze, plastic, vinyl, plush, resin, wood, paper, ceramic, silver and gold. They surface, they sell out, then they disappear. Luckily Tim's company, Flopdoodle is in the habit of setting aside a few editions of each release. In some cases we don't even know what we have, which is why it's so exciting to dig through dusty old boxes and see what's there. That process started a few months ago and this is your first peek at what we're finding. A few of these editions are quite rare and should be gone shortly after you read this. Some are plentiful and are priced to move. "

#RexRegrets Tees @ Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con 2014

"Swear Your Allegiance" for either "Pirate Rex", "Ninja Rex" and "Cowboy Rex" at Booth AA62 next week for Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014)! Don't think you might "regret" much, folks!

"Rex Regrets" is an original character created by Jerry Teo. All Rights Reserved 2013. Check out more of Rex's regrets on rexregrets.com!

Titanfall "Militia Assault Pilot" Statue from Gaming Heads

Gaming Heads unveils the "Militia Assault Pilot", straight from Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall. Designed by Kaushik Manna, the statue portrays a geared up Militia Pilot from the game wall running, wielding a Hemlok Burst-Fire Rifle. The Pilot statue measures 23 inches tall with both base and figure combined.

The "Regular" Edition is limited to 1000 pieces worldwide and is priced at US$329.99 per, while the Gamingheads Exclusive Edition is limited to 500 pieces worldwide and priced at US$349.99. In addition, the package also includes the R-101 Compact Carbine assault rifle, that can replace the Pilot's Hemlock depending on the collector's preference.

GAMINGHEADS ADDS: "Each statue arrives in deluxe full-color packaging, an authenticity card that allows you to register your statue with us and a base that has been individually numbered by hand. This is the first piece available in our new range of Titanfall collectibles. The lowest numbers are available on a first-come-first-served basis, and registering your statue with us will allow you to collect the same number for future statues in the Titanfall line!"

Mike McMahon JUDGE DREDD Figure from Unbox Industries

UNBOX-PRESS: "Unbox Industries are proud to announce their latest collaboration with the legendary 2000AD...JUDGE DREDD! The Unbox team are lifelong 2000AD fans and wanted to pay tribute to Mike McMahon's incredible evolution of Dredd.

Their goal was evoke the more stylised interpretation that has developed in recent years, Mcmahon himself has reviewed and approved the iteration sculpted and developed by the Unbox Digital team.

Now Tharg has given his blessing, Unbox will begin to prepare the prototype figure which will be displayed on the 2000AD stand at events later this year."

To be released as a 24cm tall soft vinyl figurine, here's a look at further WPs via IG @unboxindustries - check out that old-school comicbook "Lawgiver" and that massive "eagle" shoulder-guard! Brining a man-tear to my nostalgic and formative yesteryears collecting weekly 2000 A.D. comics from thy neighborhood vendors back in the 90s … *sigh*

(Thanks for the awesomeness, Dan!)

MC Lover (Patriot Edition) by Ron English On Sale Sept 1st

Available "Labor Day" on Monday, September 1st at 12PM (NOON) EST via www.popaganda.com is a brand new version of Ron English's iconic MC Supersized character in his heart-wearing MC Lover form - just in time to celebrate the American labor movement's annual holiday!

Standing roughly 3-inches tall, these hand-cast resin pieces have been made in the U.S.A. and produced in a patriotic Red, White, and Blue marbled color combination! Priced at US$40 apiece, the MC Lover (Patriot Edition) is limited to an edition of 30 signed pieces, each comes bagged with a numbered header card.
*Due to the manufacturing process each piece is unique and the color placement will vary from that pictured.*

About That New 18-inch CheTrooper Resin Bust from UrbanMedium

"I've just approved the clay for the 18-inch resin CheTrooper bust (photo attached) that I'm dropping in ATL and NYC this fall. I'll keep sending progress pics and details as the date get's closer."
Shared Derek Fridman from UrbanMedium and I can't wait to see the development this piece! Folks might remember this beret-wearing Argentine Marxist Revolutionarist Ernesto "Che" Guevara x Star Wars' Storm Trooper bust available as a mini 6-inch tall collectible from since back in 2006!

About That 'Firecracker'-Edition 'Sylvan' by Gary Ham x Pobber

And while we've had a glimpse of the FIRECRACKER colorway of Gary Ham's SYLVAN with Pobber Toys before, today we have another look with a higher-res snap, along with a TOYSREVIL-micro Q&A with the designer himself, Gary Ham!

Standing 9 inches tall and limited to 50pcs in this colorway, look to grab yours at Artist Alley booths AA76+78 at next weekend's Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014)! Note that a very limitd quantity of the 'Firecracker'-Edition 'Sylvan' will be made available at STGCC!

TOYSREVIL: What can you tell us abut the new Firecracker edition colorway, in relation to the Prankster edition? What is your thought process in choosing the colors?
GARY HAM: "I wanted to ensure that each colorway was vastly different from one another giving a different personality all together. The Firecracker edition is a bit more hellish and his pranks will certainly land him there one day."

TOYSREVIL: Tell us who is "Sylvan"? What inspired his/her creation?
GARY HAM: "I wanted to follow up Hermees with a companion piece to compliment him in both size and style. Fascinated by the lore of Krampus I wanted to design something along his appearance, but not as evil as that just isn't my personality or style. So, came Sylvan, the fangy faun prince of pranks that hides in the woods scheming up tricks to play on future prey. The definition of "Sylvan" means to live or inhabit the woods, or created from wood. Sylvan was cast directly from my wood prototype so it felt like the perfect name for him."
(Gary Ham @ www.superham.com / Twitter @GaryGepetto / IG @garyham / Facebook)


APHRODITE A by Threezero - Pre-Orders Begin Sept 5th

THREEZERO PRESS: "We want to introduce you Aphrodite A, which is the second figure from the Mazinger Z collectibles line. Aphrodite A is a fully-articulated (including the fingers) and highly detailed collectible figure that stands 15" (approximately 38cm) tall and includes light-up LED eyes, cockpit and afterburners on her backpack . In correspondence to the upgrades she receives in Mazinger Z story, Aphrodite A also includes Koushiryoku Missile that actually eject from her chest."
Pre-orders for Aphrodite A begins September 5th 09:00am Hong Kong time via www.threezerostore.com. Priced at US$290 / HK$2250 per in the online store, it will come along with an exclusive item: severed head of Garada K7! (Check out concept images posted below).

Aphrodite A specs:
* figure stands 15 inches (approximately 38cm) tall.
* highly detail mechanic parts.
* incredibly paint application to highlight all the details with weathering effect.
* fully posable figure.
* articulating fingers.
* Koushiryoku Missile (ejectable missiles)
* lights up eyes, cockpit and both afterburner on her backpack.

WHO-IS: "Aphrodite A is a giant mech originally built as a symbol for peace by Dr. Yumi from the remains of Aphrodite for geological research. Although this mech originally lacked weapons, it was later upgraded for combat with the Koushiryoku Missile for offensive battle so that his daughter, Sayaka Yumi could pilot Aphrodite A alongside Koji Kabuto in Mazinger Z.

Mazinger Z is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Go Nagai in 1972 that has since been adapted and continued in various multimedia formats including various manga, anime and video game incarnations. The original manga and anime tell the story of Koji Kabuto and the titular mecha Mazinger Z as they fight the Mechanical Beasts of Dr. Hell with the support of his partner and love interest, Sayaka in Aphrodite A, and his younger brother Shiro Kabuto."

Source: Threezero

Japan's Meme9 Now Available via Lulubell Toys

PRODUCT PRESS: "​Lulubell is excited to present Meme9 of Japan! Meme9 is designed by Japanese artist Yuta Osugi. The 26-year old designer, after graduating from art school and spending 3 years as a toy maker, is trying to breathe new life into the almost lost art form of making toys in sofubi."

PRESS CONTINUED: "He just launched his toy brand in 2013 and named it MEME9, in hopes that his artistic line of futuristic toys will be an “element of a culture to be passed from one individual to another by non-genetic means.” All the figurines from MEME9 are made in Japan in sofubi. MEME9 was first showcased during Tokyo Design Week 2013!

View all current US availability of Meme9 goodies at Lulubell here."

Lepreskar (Skeletor Edition) by Toy Mafia Available Now

Available now in Clutter's online shop is Toy Mafia's Lepreskar (Skeletor Edition). Priced at US$80 per, this rotocast resin piece measures approx, 6.5" tall, 7" long, and 5" wide, and has been cast in marbled fluorescent yellow and purple and finished with hand-rubbed pumice color as well as a glossy finish. Limited to just 15 pieces worldwide in this "Skeletor" colorway, paying tribute to the iconic Masters of the Universe villain, each comes bagged with a hand-numbered header card.
PRESS: "Born in hellfire and left to rot in a field of disease, The "Lepreskar" is the perfect addition to any maggot infested collection of plastic joy! Mottled with patches of oozing flesh, the Toy Mafia name appears twisted into the back of the head!"

Robin Williams Benefit Print - "My Captain" by Adria Llarch

Adam of Hero Complex Gallery shares with us the existence of a benefit print that they are releasing with artist, Adria Llarch, with all gallery proceeds to benefit the Motion Picture & Television Fund (www.mptvfund.org).
"I'd be lying if I said I don't get a little caught up by this every time I see this image...still devastated by the news." -shared "Adam Smasher".
"My Captain" by Adria Llarch measures 12"x12" and is a Fine Art Giclee Print available to purchase here for US$25 (+$6 Domestic Flat Shipping).

Cat Trooper Hologram by Catmask Toy

I've a toy-confession to make … I "abused" my rudimentary position of bloggery, and procured an item I discovered online before I even blogged about - something I excruciatingly seldom ever do - but regardless, I'll preface this particular post by say THIS PARTCULAR ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE … and with that said, witness the CAT TROOPER HOLOGRAM by Catmask Toy!

As a limited edition 1/1 piece, this 3.2 inch resin toy was priced at US$30 (excluding shipping costs), purchased here on his online store … And before you folks choose to totally "give up" on my blog, here's a little snap of something in the works … of something available for the future maybe? Stick to IG @catmask_meaw and not miss another drop! ... Unless I beat you to it again … MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA

#BootleggingBoba: Bobaboy & PerFett V.2 from Topz Greenfull ToyDsign

Thailand-based indie toymaker Topz Greenfull ToyDsign has been pretty busy lately, working on everybody's favorite intergalactic bounty hunter "Boba Fett" in two new #BootleggingBoba guises: BOBABOY (seen above) in a super-deformed character study - and soon to be available for pre-orders on topztoy.storenvy.com - and as well Version.2 of his PERFETT (below / Peep Version.1 HERE) made wit a larger figure size and looks pretty sweet with the bomber jacket, IMHO. Stay tuned for updates, folks!

(P/S: Yes, I started a new label/tag/hastag: #BootleggingBoba = for all bootlegging of Boba Fett ala toys ;p)

#IceBucketCharacters for ALS #IceBucketChallenge

With the campaign for what is known commonly as the "ALS #IceBucketChallenge" has since gone viral ($94.3 Million's worth so far) and we continue to witness folks dosing themselves with buckets of ice water on a global scale - regardless of anyone's judgement or opinion of this matter, it is refreshing for me to see yet another concept manifested from this phenom: #IceBucketCharacters = where artists let their cartoons and illustrated characters do the challenge instead! Here's a look at some (and will add on once I find/have them):

"Wananeko took the #IceBucketChallenge from Paulus Hyu's Nimbus! I did my donation but I'm a party pooper and I won't nominate anyone. Just know that if you wanna make a donation to the ALS Association you just have to visit www.alsa.org and click on Donate. You can use Paypal and donate from just $5 to whatever you want!" - Javier Jiménez (OG Instagram pic).
"A challenge is a challenge!, you have to do it Nimbus, like it or not ... I've done my challenge @chibiorangebing2" - Paulus Hyu (OG Instagram pic).
"Since I'm not a fan of cold weather, I'm not really into this ice bucket challenge thing. But anyway I accepted your challenge, Kupi And you know what, it feels like I swim on the wrong season..." - Bing Bing (OG Instagram pic).
"it's so cold its paralyzing! Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. For more info and donation, please visit alsa.org" - Indra Gunawan (OG Instagram pic).
WHAT-IS ALS? : "Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as "Lou Gehrig's Disease," is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Motor neurons reach from the brain to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the muscles throughout the body. The progressive degeneration of the motor neurons in ALS eventually leads to their death. When the motor neurons die, the ability of the brain to initiate and control muscle movement is lost. With voluntary muscle action progressively affected, patients in the later stages of the disease may become totally paralyzed." (www.alsa.org / Donate Here)
"#dtk #dave accept the #icebucketchallenge from @ictoys would like to nominate @thespacewanderer_ @halorendy @castellanatalia but the donation is matter the most, check out the info alsa.org " - David The Killer (OG Instagram pic).

The Reveal of STGCC-Exclusive BABY CE from Ozzo Collection x CE Planet for Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con 2014

(Photo taken by Simon Sim)

Previously teased and now fully revealed here is the STGCC-Exclusive Baby CE from Ozzo Collection x CE Planet! Limited to 200pcs (hand-numbered - check out pics posted below) and each priced at only SG$12 per, this Gold print on matt Black mini figure is available at booth E22 at Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014).

Also look out for sumthin-sumthin'-special from TOYSREVIL's social media channels for when STGCC rolls around - I take care of my International readers, ya know? :)

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