Annie Montgomerie x Unbox Industries Release on March 25.2017

UNBOX PRESS: "Unbox Industries are thrilled to announce the release of their collaboration with UK artist Annie Montgomerie ( /

Famous for producing beautiful handmade anthropomorphic characters that have enchanted collectors and fans the world over, Annie's work is in high demand with new pieces being snapped up instantly."

“TUDDY” (the rabbit / above) and “INKLIN” (the ‘cat’ / featured below) stand 35cm and 30cm tall respectively, both possessing 4 points of articulation, are produced in soft vinyl and painstakingly hand painted by the Unbox art department.

Priced at US$155 each, pre-Order window starts 25.03.17 and ends 10.04.17, on As amazingly detailed as they look here, I have a feeling seeing just the images might not do the figures enough of a toy-justice, IMHO.


(Thanks for the headsup, Dan)

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