Process of Creating A Wall Mural by Rilke Guillén

Stopmotion animation of the process of creation of the “Grafo +K7 Xochicóatl” (commissioned) wall mural by Mexico-based artist Rilke Guillén ( /, from his series “Puras Mascaras” (translates to “Pure Masks”).

Scroll thru for some still snaps, and head on over to his FB album for more if need be.

“Judging” from the album date, this artwork might be three years old (??).

Always interesting to see the “process” when most times we get a “after” snap, and sometimes when we are lucky, a “before” … provided of course if the artwork itself was “commissioned” or sanctioned :p

To the uninitiated, it shows the effort and perhaps even skill needed to achieve an artwork of that size, IMHO.