“Birds of Moscow” by Sergey Safonov

“Birds of Moscow” are collection of characters created in various woodworking techniques first presented at Sergey Safonov’s solo show of the same name on May 18th 2017. I’ve previously featured some previews, but tis always nice to see video coverage of a show featuring non-animated collectibles :)

Remaining collectibles (unspoken for at the show) are currently listed online via shop.sergeysafonov.com.

"Those little Birds of Moscow are always in a hurry. Wherever they fly, they take this city with them, sometimes cantankerously shrieking, other times softly tweeting. Their tiny beaks are snapping, the golden caps, floating. Birdies can’t stand one another, yet their chirping hearts beat in unison. White flickers, ooze and concrete, sweet marble curls… The little birds of Moscow softly and elegantly walk among us. They look only upwards and crumble this city under their feet. Ash and coal. Birds of Moscow are watchfully looking from everywhere, waiting for the continuation of old stories. And lonely laughter in the silence."